Halloween Scavenger Hunt 2016


It’s scavenger hunt time! Anyone ever play Ghosts in a Graveyard – a game of tag played at night?  Some know it to be flashlight tag, but when I grew up across the street from a cemetery …

Well, guess what. Tag you’re it!

If you have found yourself at my blog rather than just my facebook page, don’t worry, you can enter here as well. Don’t forget to visit the lovely Sam Destiny next.

A sneak peek into my new book is the continuation of Finding Bell, about the Dark Queen and the Princess that came long before Bell. I’ve had plenty of questions about who the Dark Queen is and was. She isn’t the main Character, but rather the queen and mother of a princess desperate to get out of her own kingdom that is more a prison than a home. Her burden is to guard the portal of the demon realm and to never get the one she’s quietly loved forever.

What is your idea of Demons? Are they fallen angels or something much darker? Tell me your favorite Demon Book out there, favorite Angel story, or movie on either.


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