Marketing When No One is Listening

“You have to stay out there.”

“If you don’t promote yourself, no one will find you.”

Do those sound familiar? If not, no one is pushing you out loud. It’s true. If you don’t market, no one can find you. Be it paid ads, marketing departments, blog tours, you name it. They all have advantages. If they have the right reach and can target the market you want, they can be effective. That being said, I feel like for the most part my efforts fall on deaf ears.

It hurts when you see other authors being shared, but somehow you’re forgotten. It’s doesn’t help me motivate myself when I see small businesses being supported and never my books. Because lets face it, most authors are a small business. So what can we do when it feels like no one is listening? Well, push harder. Push through it And when in doubt, be creative.

I am trying new tactics. Yes, still pushing my books, but maybe in a different way. I want to catch more eyes, make people smile and laugh. I want them to see the business they support is human and wants to make them smile.

What are you creative ideas?

These are my latest. Thoughts?

mz-ad mz-ad2

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