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Heat Wave Blog Post

heat wave

Life has gotten in the way lately, and I have neglected my blog. I hope a giveaway will make it up to you.

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Hearts of Valor Anthology – Meet the Authors


Was your story inspired by a real hero or just the idea of valor?

London Saint James:

I pulled inspiration from the idea of valor. However, I may *wink, wink* have used a splash of

stoic reality from a real-life hero who I have the privilege of knowing as I wrote about Captain


Jean Young:

It was inspired by a saying: “Good for good is natural; any man can do it. Good for evil is manly;

only a noble man can do.”

T.E. Hodden:

Not by a single person, but by a particular aspect of the Great War, and the lives it touched. I

would not say any specific experiences were represented by the story, and I am fairly sure a

historian would find much that was fudged for the sake of the plot.

S.L. Hughson:

The hero in my story is standing in as “any soldier.” Yes, I know many soldiers who have

returned from combat duty scarred by their experiences. In the same way as Vince Peters? Not

really. I like to think all my characters are fully created from my imagination, but I realize that

every person I meet, book I read, movie I watch and experience I have feeds my insatiable muse.

Philip Lisagor:

Going Home was inspired by the difficulties of redeployment of soldiers back to their homes and

families. This situation can be magnified by post combat stress situations which are churning and

disquieting the returning soldier.

Terri Rochenski:

My story was actually inspired by my niece’s wedding. They had decided to stay at the house

they’re renting for the first time on their honeymoon night. I thought it odd, until realizing that

not so long ago, that’s what all newly married couples did. Then, I thought, what if the new

husband was drafted off to war a few days later? My heart broke, and the story morphed from



Hearts of Valor

Genre: Romance Anthology (Sweet)

Release Date: January 13, 2016

Keywords: Romance, Anthology, Sweet, military, veteran, war, POW, bravery

It takes a heart of valor to survive love’s battlefield.

Six veteran themed romantic tales brimming with love and sacrifice are sure to show us all what it truly means to have a Heart of Valor.


The PromiseLondon Saint James

The year Veronica turned twenty-two changed her life. She graduated from San Diego State University, married the handsome Lieutenant Carter Weis—widowed six months after the happy nuptials.

Captain Quinn Alstrom of the U.S. Coast Guard was eager to start his newest post; however the excitement had nothing to do with the beautiful surroundings of Key West, and everything to do with his best friend’s wife.

Will Quinn’s surprise arrival in Veronica’s life re-spark the fire in the vivacious woman he remembered? Or, will the memory of her fallen husband stop the two of them from finding happiness?   

A Manly Man Jean Young

Confederate POW, Braxton Bolton, had an unexpected visitor the day before his execution, when Arabella Anderson walked into his jail cell and, in front of other POWs, kissed him until he shook with desire.

Two years prior, she had been the Lieutenant Colonel’s prisoner. While she was tortured and raped by the other Confederate soldiers, Bolton was different. He protected her from further suffering, and the grateful young woman had come to repay his kindness.

While they became more and more intimate, she learned the story behind his kindness.

But what she learned while with her hero POW, turns the sweet girl into a fearsome warrior. One determined to save the soldier with a noble heart.

Hero of Her Heart S.L. Hughson

Nicole Taylor has loved Vincent for years. Now he’s back from serving in the Army, and she’s determined to make him see her as something other than a little sister.

After a heated Valentine’s date, Nicole is confused by Vince’s withdrawal. She confronts him, but no matter how hot their physical attraction, he keeps backing away.

Nicole helps him follow his lifelong dreams but he drifts further from her happily-ever-after plans. What will it take for him to see he is truly the hero of her heart?

Feathers T.E.Hodden

Kerry only wanted to do right by Christopher. To protect him from the whispers of ‘coward’ and the shame of a white feather.

But the war doesn’t look like a grand adventure any more. All Kerry wants is Chris home safe. But will he still be the same man she once knew?

Goin’ HomePhilip Lisagor

How will Jack be able to put Iraq behind him and return home to Leah and their two children? The green peaceful coast of Ireland is the perfect landing zone from the brown violent landscape of Mesopotamia. Jack is humping ruck along the North Atlantic coast when a chance encounter with an Irish maiden turns him all around and he hears the voice of Leah in a magical moment calling him home.

Promises Kept  – Terri Rochenski

Ever since they were kids, Joan dreamed of being Walt Herley’s wife. But, Joan’s dream is short-lived when the Korean War draft has Walt trading his groom’s suit for army fatigues. After a short celebration of their rushed nuptials, Walt is whisked away to fulfill his duty to his country, leaving Joan behind with a promise to return.

With her heart a world away, Joan struggles to keep her spirit afloat while praying for the war’s expedient end.  Fate, however, has a plan of its own, one that threatens Joan’s faith in Walt’s promise to return.

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New Years Resolution Blog Hop

New Years Resolutions Blog Hop

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Happy New Year!  I don’t do a lot of resolutions, generally because I don’t keep them well. This year though, I need to start accomplishing things again. My kids have put a damper on what I get done, but that needs to stop being my excuse! So This year I am going to:

1. Finish a few writing projects and get them out for submission

2. I am going to start blogging more again.

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Hearts of Valor *Giveaway*

Roane Publishing is giving away THREE ecopie ARCs of 
Hearts of Valor!

Hearts of Valor
Genre: Romance Anthology (Sweet)
Release Date: January 13, 2016
Publisher: Roane Publishing
Keywords: Romance, Anthology, Sweet, military, veteran, war, POW, bravery
Description: It takes a heart of valor to survive love’s battlefield.

Five veteran themed romantic tales brimming with love and sacrifice are sure to show us all what it truly means to have a Heart of Valor.


​Hero of Her Heart – S.L. Hughson
Feathers – T.E.Hodden
A Manly Man – Jean Young
Goin’ Home – Philip Lisagor
The Promise – London Saint James

Roane Publishing is giving away THREE ARC copies to three lucky winners!
You don’t even have to be a blogger.
If you are willing to leave an honest review before January 27th, you are eligible to enter.
How? Simply fill out the form!


You have until Midnight of November 28th when three winners will be chosen by random drawing.

Faerie’s Ring by Jaylee Austin is Here!

I asked Jaylee what her top ten favorite books or movies were of all time! 

    1. Flashdance from the 1980’s. I love the curly hair and red high heel shoes. I was a dancer in college and the fad was leg warmers and our dance clothes. The tv series Fame was popular during this time.
    2. How to Lose a guy in 10 days? It’s a romantic comedy that makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch the movie I leave feeling happy.
    3. Clash of the Titans is a mythological battle between the Gods. I love the heroic journey of the characters.
    4. Avatar one of my favorite romance stories. The importance of the environment, the acceptance of other cultures and the romance.
    5. The Outlanders series by Diana Gabaldon, the romance and relationship of Claire and Jamie is a love story that travels over time. I still recall their life together and remember the characters as if they were family.
    6. Susa Kates, The Savannah Coven Series. A coven of various women come together and create a family of sister, each facing a challenge they must overcome to restore the balance of evil. Love the story line.
    7. Night Walker, Lisa Kessler. I love reading paranormal romance.
    8. Ice Magic Fire Magic, Shauna Roberts. The use of magic in our lives and the power we have in ourselves to bring magic to other people’s world.
    9. Lover Eternal, J.R. Ward. The difficulty of fighting our inner dragons or demons. Learning to control our most base nature and overcome an internal rage at the injustice placed upon one self.
    10. Angels at the Table, Debbie Macomber. A fun Christmas tale of three angels who constantly find themselves in mischief. The story an enjoyable heart-warming read of how the best laid plans can falter.

Thanks for stopping by!

Faerie’s Ring
Sedona Series, Book #1
Author:  Jaylee Austin
Publisher:  Roane Publishing
Release Date:  November 9, 2015
Keywords:  Fantasy, Fae, Faeries, Paranormal, Romance, Demons, Vortex, Realms, Magic, Sidhe

A fallen demon invades Lara Clint’s beloved city of Sedona and a strange voice calls for her to awaken to her destiny. A demon catcher, she is summoned to capture and reignite the flame of the iris, stolen by the son of Vobris, God of Light. Ironically, her own secret binds her to the demon.Rafe Avery, a sidhe warrior and protector of dreams, is challenged to remove the black rose of darkness and help the one chosen to replace the white iris. Time has run out. The gates of Elysium and the magic portals will close to humankind, leaving them to the mercy and control of the revenge-seeking demon.

A hot attraction ignites between the human and fae as they struggle to accomplish their goals. Lara’s secret threatens to destroy all their lives. Is Rafe’s love strong enough to break evil bonds and bring the darkness to justice? 

Purchase Links
Roane Publishing (Print and Digital)
Createspace (Best Option)

Amazon (UK)
Barnes and Noble (Coming Soon)
All Romance eBooks
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iTunes (Coming Soon)


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Happy Book Birthday to Bad Boys Wanted!

Happy Book Birthday to Bad Boys Wanted!

Bad Boys Wanted
An erotic romance anthology
Author:  Various
Publisher:  Roane Publishing
Release Date:  October 21, 2015
Keywords:  Erotic, Romance, BDSM, Bondage, Alpha Males, Domination / Submission, Sex Toys
Description:  When they’re bad, they’re oh so good. This collection of six steamy erotic tales featuring the best of the bad boys is sure to leave you wanting more.

Unrepentant  –  Lila Shaw

Lucky Lotto winner Amy Burns has had enough of family members begging for handouts. With her millions safely hidden from the general public’s knowledge by way of an anonymous trust fund, she’s moved west to find a new beginning. She’s also found Jazz, a taciturn employee at her gym she can’t seem to stay away from.Only problem? He’s an ex-convict. Can Amy trust the former thief with her heart, especially after her relentless step-brother discovers her whereabouts and threatens to expose her secret, or might an unrepentant bad boy be the real winning ticket?

Over the Edge  –  Stella Berkley

Nothing short of a lobotomy could make Roman King forget Sloane Holliwell—part angel, part devil, and all his. If only she wasn’t the love of his best friend’s life. Even though they’re broken up, Roman would never hurt his brother from another mother that way.

Sloane has been self-destructing since her darkest fantasy, Roman, cut her out of his life. When he finds her bruised at a bar, he saves her from yet another boyfriend disaster. But he still won’t claim her despite their obvious attraction.

Instead, he offers to teacher her how to be a submissive, so he can find her a master that will take care of her. Once he gets her in the playroom, though, he discovers Sloane is playing games of her own.

Death’s Angel  –  Kastil Eavenshade

Four years ago, Constantine lost the only woman he ever loved. Now the incubus is culling the responsible vampire brood’s food source. One by one he steals the souls of the blood sucker’s familiars to turn the human population against his enemy. Blinded by vengeance, he makes the one mistake that could cost him the retribution he seeks.

Half-werewolf, Indira is thrust in the hands of the vampires to maintain peace amongst the clans. Instead of being an ambassador, she becomes a prisoner and forgotten by her pack. When the vampires bring a mysterious man trussed into their dungeons, he stirs something inside long since buried. Sexy and beyond anything she’s dealt with, her beating heart yearns to sacrifice her soul for one taste of Constantine.

In the throes of revenge, can the light of one angel tame a beast bred in hell?

Finding Forever  –  Lynn Burke

Samantha likes to bang a guy’s headboard and take off long before he bangs up her heart. Temptation returns in the form of a Zeus-like, tattooed hunk, the man whose first kiss roused her teenage hormones. His arrival carries the promise for more, but Sam’s determination to enjoy a taste–or two–without risking her heart could cost her the chance at finding forever.

Temptations of the Cage  –  R. Brennan

While she’s never considered herself a submissive, Katrina Norton has always had a bit of a pain fetish, so when the opportunity to work at one of the city’s most popular BDSM clubs presents itself, she decides it’s the perfect way to indulge her darker desires and earn enough money to pay for the expensive medications her ailing grandmother requires.

But when she meets handsome club owner, Damien Michaels, Trina has to remind herself he’s a potential boss, and off limits. Certainly not someone she should be imagining kneeling before and begging for just a taste of what’s hiding beneath his expensive tailored suit.

If she could just get her traitorous body to stick to the plan.

Without Words by Lolly Tova

Ivy McPhee dreads attending her high school reunion, but she’s willing to brave her childhood tormentors to see the bad boy she sat beside everyday on the school bus. Though they never exchanged a word, a decade later, he still owns her heart, and she’s determined to find out if the connection she felt to him all those years ago was a shared experience.

Ollie Ashwood, lead singer of the successful indie band Infraction, is still every inch a trouble maker, but his days of partying and womanizing are over. He’s finally ready to claim the only girl he ever cared enough about not to sweet talk into his arms. Playing a set at his school reunion seems the perfect ploy to draw Ivy out and tell her she’s the woman of his dreams.

Any chance of the two alumni discovering the depths of their feelings for one another is shattered by a scheming ex-student. Only revelations about the past can get Ollie and Ivy back on the right track, but Ollie must first persuade Ivy to bear her bully’s teasing long enough to listen.




Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Gift Code.  No purchase necessary, but you must be 18 or older to enter. The winner will be chosen by rafflecopter, and announced on the widget. Winner well be notified by emailed and have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. The number of entries received determines the odds of winning. Giveaway was organized by Roane Publishing’s marketing department.


Welcome to Paradise Audio Spotlight Post


WTP Audio Promo


Welcome to Paradise – A Paradise Ranch Novella Blurb:

Just three days before her thirtieth birthday, acquisition editor for Starling Press, Sutton Callaway has buried the last of her family in the cemetery on the plot of land that she inherited.

After turning down the powerful and wealthy owner of Triple Bar-S Ranch to sell her inheritance and walk away from the obligations of running one of the biggest cattle ranches in West Texas, Sutton puts her Dallas condo on the market, resigns her position from SP, packs the contents of her life into boxes, and heads for the one place filled with bittersweet memories—Paradise Ranch.

Will Sutton be able to handle the pressures of being the newly appointed cattle baroness, the rough and tumble men under her employ, and the temptation of a sexy mystery man? Or will walking in her grandmother’s matriarchal boots be too much to fill?

Written by: London Saint James Narrated by: Lia Frederick Listening time: 53 min. Series: Paradise Ranch

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Western Romance

 WtP AudioCover

Audio Book Buy Links:

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Giveaway runs from September 7th to October 1st

London is giving away winner’s choice of any e-book off her back list and $10.00 Amazon Gift Card.

Rafflecopter Code:

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Roane Publishing FREE Reads Get a Facelift!

Do you like Free?  Do you like pretty covers?  Well, today I reveal to you the new covers of the Free reads released for Roane Publishing’s 1st birthday last year!

Where can you get them? Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords – BUT if you go here you can get them all in one place.

Now for the reveal!

It all started (1)

Any Other Way by Michelle Ziegler
(Contemporary Romance)

Description: Everyone wants to be someone’s first choice.

Rebecca is no exception. She’s been in love with Tyler forever, but he’s one of her best friends. She knows you never cross the friendship line; not if you want to stay that way. Too bad for meddlesome friends. Now, she’s stuck on a camping trip with a bunch of couples, and Tyler. Will Rebecca be able to bury her feelings and stay friends with Tyler, or will she sabotage everything including the Labor Day weekend?

A Roane Free Read

Sisters Krista Ames
(A Montana Series Short Story)

Description: Having a sister was something Harper Donaldson had only wished for in her dreams. When a letter came telling her she not only had a sister, but her new-found sister was coming to visit Holly, Montana in person within a weeks’ time, Harper panics.

Chloe Summerfield grew up in a loving home with an adopted family, but always wondered who else might be out there. Given the right tools and a little bit of time, she found out she had a sister and has wasted no time arranging to meet her long lost sibling.

Will the meeting be everything both women hope for?

A Roane Free Read

Dragon Eye by Anna Simpson

Description: Everyone wants a dragon until they have to feed one.

Rory’s personal guard knows the little dragon is bursting with magic which could revitalize all the farmer’s fields, and still rid an old man of his aches and pains. Too young to defend herself she’s forced to run when the king discovers she could also be his source to eternal youth.

A Roane Free Read

All For NothingLaurie Treacy

Description: Her life has been a lie.

After the events in “Ordinary World,” Amy Corbett wants answers. About her past and why her mother didn’t clue her into the truth. Reluctantly accepting the changes forced upon her, Amy’s trying to embrace her new self, but being a witch is hard work. Not able to grasp a simple spell, she learns about a secret society of magic users, shunned for not being able to ‘fit in.’ Maybe she’ll find a place where she truly belongs. 

There’s no place like home? Sometimes there are alternatives.

A Roane Free Read

PixifiedSheryl Winters

Description: Happily mated Tiger shifter, Fhina has the Purr-fect life with her no-longer-cursed Wolf shifter husband and their brand new babies. So, why is it that life suddenly took a turn for the weird for her favorite cousin Tessa? And why did Fhina’s Magician ex-boyfriend and his gaggle of pixies suddenly appear in Tessa’s bakery.

It will take a lot more than a curse book to solve this mystery. It’ll take the combined talents of an dysfunctional Enchantress, a first level Witch, and more than a little luck.

A Roane Free Read

Bourbon, Boots and Southern PersuasionLondon Saint James
(Contemporary Erotic Romance)

Description: Brodie Hartley—the true definition of a rugged rascal. A rascal who hadn’t been home in a long time, but when his friend Trey Cleary asked him to be the best man at his upcoming nuptials, Brodie hopped on his Harley and headed for North Carolina.

Darby Cleary had always been more than a little infatuated with her brother’s best friend, only she was too young for him back in the day. However, Darby isn’t a little girl any longer; she’s a woman who wants a taste of Brodie Hartley. Her game plan for the pre-wedding activities? 1. Flirt with the man. 2. Seduce him. 3. If one and two don’t work, get him well lubricated and hope like hell Brodie wants a taste of her, too.

Naming Your Story

I am in the middle of a new book – single, not another anthology. The WIP name has changed about 5 times and I still don’t know what to name it when I go to submit it. I started realizing most of my books were titled after completion. And oddly, most of the titles were due to the endings.  This seems to work in contemporary romances. I don’t’ know that they would work in other genres.

How do you name your books?

Maybe this is a spoiler, not sure?

It all started (1)In my book Any Other Way, (Free short story) the last line is “Maybe. But, you wouldn’t have me any other way.”


In Garden of Souls, part of Spooktacular Seductions,  I actually had the title namesake mentioned in the first two pages. “That’s what it was, a garden of Souls.” Which, she is talking about a cemetery.  The names comes back around in the end too. This one actually had a lot of reason to be called what it was I suppose.