Thoughful Tuesday – Advice or Opinion?

When is it advice based on fact vs. an opinion from your own little mind?  There are a zillion books on writing, editing, and selling. Don’t stop there. Look at all the parenting books and books on finding your soul mate.  So out of all these books which ones are really helpful and which are simply a string of opinions that worked for one person. We are not cookie cutter. Just because Author A got published without editing a single word doesn’t mean Author B can do the same. Just because your child responds to time outs doesn’t mean that another child will. Now the book/movie, He’s Just Not that into You, might actually have some legs to stand on.

He's Just notWhat self-help or instructional books do you rely on? Writing, parenting, dating or otherwise. I personally like Dr. Sears books for child rearing and my own personal gut of course. I have yet to find a query letter book that is perfect, but The Guide to Query Letter’s isn’t bad. The Element of Style for basic grammar isn’t all that bad either – are there better?  I guess it depends on who you ask.

2 thoughts on “Thoughful Tuesday – Advice or Opinion?

  1. jamieayres says:

    For parenting I like The Power of a Praying Parent, The Power of a Positive Mom, The Strong Willed Child, and Bringing Up Girls. For marriage I loved The Five Love Languages and the Financial Guide for Young Couples–reading those two books in pre-marital counseling has no doubt helped us to last 15 years and going strong! Writing books . . . I enjoy by Noah Lukeman and Donald Maass.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I’ve just recently heard of the Power of a Positive Mom, now i have to read it. I am more Intrigued by a Strong Willed Child though-holy cow do I have one. congrats on 15yrs together! Happy editing. I hope the new book is coming along- and that may and June are better sales months.

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