Something on Sunday – Self Published Author Nicki Mann

I feel pretty darn awful that it has taken me so long to write this post.  I have met many people in the time that I have started writing and that usually includes a lot of self-published authors.  One such author is Nicki Mann.

She has had a very unique and interesting life, which has given her the fuel behind her ideas.  Or at least some of her ideas.  Something that I found crazy is that she was once homeless and now shares some of her experiences in her writing.  Everything is fictionalized of course!  One of her books What Some Call Heaven, is one of those books.

From Amazon:

Nobody at the city homeless shelter… not the staff, nor the residents… know what to think when a young girl shows up, claiming to be an angel. Some think she’s confused. Some think she’s imaginative. Some even think she’s crazy! Only the little children at the shelter believe that TJ is who she says she is. Whether or not she’s really an angel, TJ sure knows how to stir things up at the shelter! What do you envision when you think of an angel? This story just might change your mind.what some call heaven

My take on the story.
Although this story is out of my normal reading, I still read it.  Might I suggest not reading it while emotional or pregnant.  In my case I would be both.  The good news is that the story is a quick read and it is well written.  For my followers that will see this – this story is not a romance.  But if you know someone who likes Mainstream Fiction with a small twist of angles and faith this is a good story.  You do dive into several different people’s lives which moves the story along rather quickly.  I usually think that having too many stories in one book can cause the reader to get lost or not connect, but for the most part I think Nicki did a good job of integrating each story and allowing you to taste each characters struggles.  Like I said don’t read it if you are emotional.  I am pregnant and there is a story of a little boy who made me cry.
I like the meaning behind the story.  That there is always hope. *Spoiler*  The story is uplifting and ends on a happy note despite my crying issues. 🙂  I should note that I cried at a preview of a movie about a dedicated dog – so crying doesn’t actually mean sad while pregnant.

6 thoughts on “Something on Sunday – Self Published Author Nicki Mann

  1. jamieayres says:

    WOW, I love the sound of this book! Will check it out:-) I always cry–pregnant or not. I hate those ASPCA commercials with all the sad puppy eyes–gets me every freaking time! When are you due?

    • M. Ziegler says:

      Oh don’t even mention ASPCA!!! Those are awful. I just want to go and hug all those poor animals or hit the idiots who abuse them. It just depends on the day. You will have to let me know what you think of the book if you read it. I normally don’t stray from the genres that have romance intertwined in the story so this was a very different read for me, but I love helping other authors. Anyway, i am do in 12 weeks. March 26th. So can’t wait!!!

      • M. Ziegler says:

        I am so much a planner I had to know the sex 🙂 We are having a boy this time around. I am pretty darn excited, but at the same time my daughter is such a hand full I worry that I might not survive. Then again you are surviving so maybe things will be fine 🙂 How old are your kids? When do you get your sanity back?

      • jamieayres says:

        HA! My kids are 12 and 8, so my kid #1 was old enough to help and understand when I had kid #2. Kid #1 also never went through any terrible stages (except she didn’t sleep the first 5 months!!), but kid #2 was entered her terrible 2’s, then continued into her 3’s and 4’s. Now she is an absolute angel. So I got sanity when she turned 5:-) How old is your daughter?

      • M. Ziegler says:

        19 months!! She isn’t going to be old enough except to drive me crazy. I worry she will kill me or her brother. She isn’t violent. But she sure doesn’t get you can sit on someones head. I think she is in full swing of terrible 2’s. I can’t go out in public anymore without everyone thinking that I have “that” kid. So embarrassing!! I am going to start counting down to 5 … although I wonder what a boy will be like. hmm

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