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For the Love of Murphy

Review by MsRomanticReads

No Wrong Turns – Lisa A. Adams

Jessica ventures out on her own for the first time. Desperate to leave the comforts of family and home to escape the pain of breaking up with her cheating boyfriend, she sets out on her adventure only to have a string of bad luck follow her out in the middle of nowhere. Was it bad luck or fate stepping in?

This was a cute story. Jessica’s troubles began with her car running out of gas, twisting her ankle and losing her wallet. This story seemed to move a lot faster than any of the others with her accepting the help of a handsome stranger and taking refuge from a storm and her swollen ankle at his house. Jessica and Sean seemed to develop a deeper (sex free) connection off the page that was told rather than shown, therefore I found the ending a little rushed. But the final scene was really sweet and elicited an “aww” from me.

He backed away and smiled. “If you’re ever headed back through these parts, stop by and see me sometime.”

“But, I don’t have your number. How would I call and let you know?”

“You won’t need to call. I’ll be right here waiting for you to return to me one day.”

Rating: 4/5

Falling for You – Michelle Ziegler

Darci has no luck with online dating. On the day of what would have been her one year wedding anniversary, had the groom-to-be not jilted her at the altar, her best friend decides it’s time for a more forceful inter-friend-tion. Thoughts of the ex-jerk fall away when she receives an email from the one that got away.

I loved this story! It was hilarious and the dialogue made these characters feel so real. Darcia seemed like my kind of gal. A little bit of a geek, a little bit melodramatic, one of those friends you love so dearly that you want to throttle them when they won’t take your good advice, or when you think they’re just being ridiculous. I really enjoyed every interaction between her and Abby, the meddling best friend.

Andrew was a bit like Darci, and his shyness or apprehension about baring his feelings once and for all was rather adorable. Those two were a perfect fit and deserved each other. If this wasn’t a “sweet” romance, I’m sure they would have burned up my e-reader.

“Is that a Cheeto in your hair?”

Darci turned her eyes to the right, following Abby’s stare.

When did I eat Cheetos?

She snatched at the snack and shoved it into her mouth. “Nope.”

Rating: 5/5

Coffee and Cufflinks – Annabelle Blume

Olivia is still feeling the sting of her recent break up, so her best friend suggests finding a rebound guy. During a stressful in her favorite coffee shop, a handsome stranger pays for her order. Day after day, she makes sure she’s there every morning to catch up with her knight in shining cufflinks.

That’s a terrible summary on my part, but I found this story hard to sum up considering I almost didn’t finish it. There was hardly any interaction with the hero at all except for the brief words in the beginning, in the middle I was once again told instead of shown that they’d had a few mornings where they carried on actual conversations, and the last interaction was briefly at the end. The majority of the story was all about Olivia’s highly stressful job, her worries about getting sacked, and nearly a week of nightly bar crawls with her best friend, flirting with men to get free drinks. Their characters and their behavior was indeed vapid (the heroine’s words, not mine). I was hoping for more story about Daren and Olivia and less Olivia and Michelle, and all the other side characters which dragged on. By the time I neared the end, I didn’t care if they ever got up the nerve to turn their flirting into more.

Rating: 2/5

A Slippery Slope – Rebecca Hart

Anna just wants some R&R on her girls only weekend ski trip. She’s not looking for a man so soon after her break-up, but a skiing accident will have hunky Devlin Blue from the ski patrol coming to her rescue.

At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like the heroine based on her choices of driving up into the mountains with threadbare tires and stepping into a puddle of icy slush with her suede boots. But the story picked up right away with Anna bumping into hunky hero and soon after that the ball that got things rolling. Just like the first story, I loved the ending. Second “aww” moment of the day. Now THAT was romantic.

“Please, don’t worry about it, Anne. You were suffering the effects of a pretty nasty concussion. I know what that can do to a person.” He added a wink. “And, their inhibitions.”

Rating: 4/5

The Shamrock Incident – London Saint James

Flower shop owner Marissa Carmichael isn’t having a good day. Neither is Trey Cleary. When she barrels into his life, could he be her lucky charm to keep her from tripping over herself or maybe he’ll just sweep her off her feet once and for all.

The sappy, happy bubbles rose up in me from the first page onwards. Marissa and Trey seemed so down to earth. Within the first few minutes of their awkward meeting, I believed the stirrings of chemistry going on between them. He may have been there to deliver some unpleasant news, but the gentleman that he was, he decided to stay and help her. I really liked the maturity they showed in the development of their relationship amidst moments of shyness which was really cute.

“You had my attention the first time you fell into my life, no need to keep trying to break your neck,” Trey said in a breathless, teasing tone.


Rating: 4/5″