Throw Back Thursday-My First Publication

2014-09-03 13.30.07 (2)This week was the release of a FREE short story of mine.  In case you missed it, you can go here.

What are your dreams and have you been chasing them for years?  Or have you really not started to chase them yet?

I’ve been writing forever.  I’ve found poems from grade school,  short stories from high school, and random chicken scratch from goodness knows when.  I simply love to write. I love to visit my own worlds, or see women over come struggles we may all have faced, or maybe something we could all face. I love the escape to have a small break from reality.

So all that being said, I just found the first poem that my mother sent out for me.  It was published in a collection of poems.  At the time I didn’t care.  I never had a thought of grandeur.  It was not a reality be a writer.  That was too frivolous to dream to think about in my family.  Don’t worry.  My mother is a closest dreamer though.  So somehow at ten I was published in some collection.  It meant nothing then, but today it makes me smile that I am revisiting a happy path.

So throw back Thursday.  Anything you are coming back around to that is making you smile? Making you feel like you just might be on the right path in life?

Throw Back Thursday – When I Started to Write

When I first started to write I simply knew I would be the next big one. The next Stephanie Meyer or <Insert famous author>.  This wasn’t because my vampires sparked, because well, they didn’t.  No.  It was because I had something to say that would bring joy to people. Little did I know that the average it takes a person to get published isn’t exactly a fact, but it is founded on facts.  The average I last heard was 8 years.  Is that true today? I would say no.  Why?  Well now there is self-publication and therefore one more statistic.

Okay – enough depressing words.  So for fun. 

If you are a writer – what is the first thing you tried to publish?

If you are a reader – what have you thought of some authors new releases vs. their later releases?


Here is my embarrassment.  Mind you I started to seriously write during the vampire craze about 7 bad ideasyears ago.

Seventeen year old girl who is human, falls for a vampire that is a friend of her vampire family.  Yes – a human raised by vampires.  There’s some crazy vengeance from a few hundred years of feuds, some trips to Ireland and Italy.  Shopping in France.  A crush from a human boy – so a small love triangle.  Love struck girl is kidnapped, but don’t panic.  There is an over indulgent HEA – because all my stories are happily ever after.  The end!

You can laugh now 🙂

Throw Back Thursday Blog Post?

I am trying something new.  I have neglected my poor blog.  It isn’t that I don’t love to share.  It’s certainly not because I don’t love to write.  It’s more like life.  I’d love to get back to the simpler times.  Who doesn’t feel like sometimes the worlds problems are so large you might suffocate under the worry and the stress.  <Raises hand.>

Let’s all breath.  In and out.  In and out.  There.  That’s much better.

Ignoring the world for the next five minutes, what was the first book your remember reading?

For me, it was Green Egg’s and Ham.  I should say, it’s the first book I ever read on my own.  No help.  It was the best day of my life.  I struggled with reading.  Crazy right?  There’s a small ghost from my past spilled.  So when I finally read this wonderful story of one Sam I AM never giving up and a grouchy person realizing changes can be good, I truly felt like I’d accomplished something.  Granted at the time all I noticed was green eggs and ham; trying to decide if it was rotting or dyed for St. Patrick’s day.

What was your first book you remember?  Fond memories or trauma?

green eggs and ham

Ever Wondered What Your Blog Looks Like?

Yeah, I am not asking if you have ever looked at your blog via the internet.  I am asking if you were curious if your site boiled down to words, which it does, what it would look like?  Well here’s mine.  Very enlightening.  The latest posts show up as the biggest words.  Enjoy!  I think I will be using Wordle to create some for my current WIP. I am not a fan that the word “just” shows up.  Perhaps I use it too much.  I will need to evaluate.

Java Printing


When Books Make You Angry

Who has read a book that drives you batty?  The kind of book where you want to reach out and strangle the main character?  I think we all have.  It’s pretty much human nature to not love everyone and everything.  The difference of that kind of book compared to a book that can actually make me angry, is that I will continue to read book number one and question the later.

Seriously.  There is a difference between being able to relate to a character or at least care.  That’s the difference, you care enough to want to throttle a character or you flat out hate a character and the author for what they’ve done.  Caring doesn’t mean you can always relate, but you care and want to strangle said character for going against your idea of better judgement.  The second example is that you have such an unlikable character it makes you want to throw the book into the kiddie pool and scream that you want your money back.20140527-155254-57174806.jpg

So that’s where i am. I’m reading a book that I might actually hate.  I honestly think the main character is stupid – mostly because it feels like the author hasn’t shown me enough to why the character is doing what she is doing.  Being that the book in on my kindle I won’t be throwing it into the pool.  I am however trying to decide if I continue.  Maybe the story is good enough to skim?  I guess I will take a break and make some bags of water for the kids.  They stay cool to the touch, which is super nice for summer and maybe my temper at this book.  Grrrrr.



Blog Tour – Now Scheduling

Join in the fun.  For the Love of Murphy releases March 17th and the blog tour is now scheduling!Murphy_TourButton

Go here to sign up!  In case you missed it, my second short story will be in the For the Love of Murphy anthology!  The theme?  Sometimes it pays to be unlucky in love and Murphy’s Law of course. How can this not be a fun release!


Additionally, anyone who reviews, sign up here.  There are lots of perks to be on Roane Publishing’s review team, such as free ARCs.

Don’t know what a blog tour is?  Well there’s a little info here.

18 Truths Blogfest

Happy book birthday Jamie! Ms. Antsy, or I mean Ayres, asked what my lie was.  Did you guess it?

To celebrate 18 Truths, we posted two truths and one lie:

1. My husband and I met on a setup and he practically ran from me the first time we were introduced. truth

(He’s shy.)

2. I have two dogs, a lab and a golden retriever.

3. I work as a web designer by day and an author by night.

So here is the answer. <drum roll>

The lie is 3!  Currently I am a Manufacturing Process Engineer. I’ll be losing my job, thank you outsourcing, in March. After that I plan to learn web design as a possible career change. Anyone need a site?

So, I really do have two dogs and my husband really was too shy to stick around even tough we both left at the same time from a friends house.

My two children are making this post nearly impossible, so I leave you with this: Go buy 18 Truths and help support education. Jamie will donate her royalties to the school she teaches at. Pop over to her site for details.

Go check out others on the tour and see if you can spot the lie. Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway too!!!

Blogfest participants


18 Truths Blogfest

Ugh! It’s Monday again.  To try and improve the day here’s a fun get to know you blogfest.

To celebrate the release of Jamie Ayres new story, she’s throwing a blog fest! We’re celebrating her second installment, 18 Truths, the game of two truths and one lie. Can you find mine?

1. My husband and I met on a setup and he practically ran from me the first time we were introduced. truth(He’s shy.)

2. I have two dogs, a lab and a golden retriever.

3. I work as a web designer by day and an author by night.

What is the falsehood? This game is amazingly hard. I hate lying about anything.

Go check out others on the tour and see if you can spot the lie. Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway too!!!

Blogfest participants


Shameless Saturday and Reviewers Needed

I’m having one of those days. The kind of day where I feel the need to self promote!

Winter’s Sweet Kiss paper copy is available for pre-order!  If you missed it, Winter’s Sweet Kiss is an anthology with my story, One in a Million Snowflakes.  Who’s excited?  ARCs (Advanced reader copies) are out too!  December 16th is the official release and I can’t wait.   Okay.  I am done.

Have an awesome weekend.


If you or anyone you know wants to partake in reviewing books, here’s your chance! Roane Publishing is looking for reviewers!  Sign up!  If you want to sign up and don’t think your blog has a big enough following, mention me and the requirement is waved! Roane_Logo_Web

My DVR can’t hold a Candle to my Books

Why my DVR will never beat my books.  My husband loves the DVR and TV,  he just doesn’t get me and my love affair with books.  So here we go.

Reason number 1. It can’t run out of memory and stop in the middle of my favorite show.

2.It won’t ever have a fuzzy picture right in the center of a very crucial plot point.

3. No need to worry about pause, fast-forward, or rewind.

4. I can read smut and no one judges me, or well, not any more than they already do.

5. I can read while my Child’s hideously annoying show is on.

6. And last, the actors are exactly as I dream them to be.  No TV show can guarantee that!