When Idea Meets Reality

Reality is that I have not rocked blogging.  I used to be awesome at this.  Back when I didn’t have kids, or multiple jobs.  It’s sad because with technology, I should be even better.

I guess blogging is similar to writing. I found a publisher, I am learning new marketing techniques every day and I keep thinking I will be making more. The idea was that I would be able to make a part time income.  The reality is, I have to step outside my comfort zone and publish different ways. Even those signed by agents tend to go hybrid, meaning they self-publish and traditional publish.

In life the idea is what drives us.  Not meeting that idea might seem like failure.  Maybe though, just maybe, it’s the drive to help us make the idea more of a reality. Just because things aren’t the way I expected doesn’t mean I have failed. It means I should try harder sand adapt.

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Memorial DAY

4thIn the US, it is Memorial Day. A day to remember the fallen men and woman who gave their life in service to our country.  I feel like people sometimes forget why they have freedoms. One is a strong military that will fight for the people. My country, for those overseas, isn’t perfect and my government is run by humans. Whenever humans are involved you will have a flawed society, a flawed government.

The thing is, most service member enter the military hoping to make a difference. They have ideas that they will be fighting for a cause, but in the end answer any and all calls of service. Sometimes the war or cause isn’t what they would personally support either. The point is, they serve so you don’t have to. They give up their freedom to choose so that you can.

Remember that today is about all those that never came home.  For the families affected, I thank you for standing behind your soldier and I pray for your peace. I hope that someday it gets easier to wake up each day knowing that your solider is watching over you.

And for those that say “I don’t support the troops.” Is it over one negative soldier you saw in the news? Perhaps it’s from an imposter on the street that you didn’t know was an imposter. I am not judging you because most humans stink, don’t judge all soldiers because there was one bad egg or your hate of our commander and chief.

To those that paid the ultimate price US service members and members of military in other countries, we remember you.

Sorry for the morbid post. So now onto positive information.  If you want to help or know of some great organizations to help those who service post in the comments. International organizations are welcome, but please make sure you note the country that organization supports.

These are all US support:

Adopt a Platoon

Tangible goods donations

Authors that have some books featuring service members – because I can’t not blog about books!

Vonnie Davis

Joanne Stewart

Mishmash Monday



Thanks Kelly Hashway  for mishmash Monday.

So Mishmash Monday is where you post what’s on your mind.  Here is what is on my mind and please feel free to share what is on yours.


It’s another Monday, where did the weekend go?  Alright.  Well here is what’s on my mind.

1. My publisher is getting ready for a sale in May. I am pretty excited about this!  Please if you can, sign up to help get the word out with the thunderclap.

2. I feel like I don’t always get to talk to everyone I want to. Authors, LEAcoverreaders, etc. There just isn’t enough time in a day and everyone seems busy. Please though, if you need a shout out, a guest post, or whatever, please let me know! I would love to host you. Please send me an email to michelleziegler_co <at> hotmail <dot> com.  Please don’t feel bad asking!

3. Love Elixir Antidote just released!! Check it out. There is a blog tour going on right now!

4. I’m in the middle of editing a short story for submission.  It’s turning out to be a little bit of Rebeca’s happily ever after from Any other Way. Not sure I expected that. I’m trying to give sneak previews at my group online… check it out 🙂

5. I really want to hear from you guys! Being an author or a work from home professional gets lonely.  Please feel free to talk to me about anything!  Such  as  what are you reading?  I love finding new books!

Have a great start of your week!



Mishmash Monday – But on a Tuesday



Thanks Kelly Hashway  for mishmash Monday.

So Mishmash Monday is where you post what’s on your mind.  Here is what is on my mind and please feel free to share what is on yours.

  1. Anyone see the Lego Movie? Please tell me someone else is in the kid movie H-E-Double Hokey Stick.  Well if not they have Freedom Friday but on a Thursday or something like that. I’ve started to tune out the majority of the movies these days. MOVING ON
  2. Where do you market? I am trying to expand where I market. I have a few avid readers of my blog and facebook, but in the end I need to try and get some new “faces”.  If you know of any hops or great groups that you wouldn’t mind sharing with me I will reciprocate. Speaking up here is a May Blog Hop with Roane Publishing.  Go sign up.
  3. What am I reading? Yeah, not really sure.  I am actually diving back into a book for a review after a few nights of being very pressed for time with working. I just finished Skydreamer by Sheryl Winters (Hot Dragon changers – really!), and I finally broke down and read the remainder of the third Hunger Games.  I want to go back to Skydreamer. It has a happy ending regardless of all the tension. Anyone want to discuss what was wrong with the end of the third Hunger Games book?
  4. My writing news. There isn’t a lot to tell at the moment. But one of my books is actually on a public shelf – library of course, not a store. This is still awesome since they chose to buy several!  You can request books be added to your local libraries through their websites. There is usually a “request books to add” form under your account. These are great ways to support authors when you are on a tight budget! You can check out what books I have written on my site or through Goodreads and Amazon. On those two sites you can follow an author to stay up on releases <hint, hint>.  Oh and I am writing away. Never fear. More stories on the way.



I think that’s enough for today.  Happy reading, writing, and enjoying life. I hear the weather is getting nicer everywhere. Spring is in the air!

Now to you, that is enough from me for one day.  What is on your mind today?


Mishmash Monday



Thanks Kelly Hashway  for mishmash Monday.

So Mishmash Monday is where you post what’s on your mind.  Here is what is on my mind and please feel free to share what is on yours.

  1. Okay – the only marketing I will do today. For the Love of Murphy is on sale until the 31st in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Go get a $.99 copy before it is too late!  Click here.


  1. I am neck deep in taxes-for those in the USA, isn’t tax season fun?
  2. I am working on a short story for a new anthology. I am giving sneak peeks in my online group Michelle’s Virtual Watercooler.  Come join in the fun! I promise it’s fun and once we get 15 people I will do a giveaway.  I plan to do giveaways a lot actually.
  3. I just finished reading a new novella and need to review it.  Problem is I don’t know where to begin or what to write.  I liked it for sure, but it wasn’t what I had hopped. I hate that.
  4. Over the weekend I watched Into the Woods and loved it – until the end.  WTF. Seriously, unless you are Disney I don’t think you can get away with endings like that.  Bleck. Anyone else see it? What were your thoughts?
  5. SPRINGS IT FINALLY HERE in Denver that is. Thank goodness. I think I am done with snow!

Now to you, that is enough from me for one day.  What is on your mind today?


A Week in “Review”

I’ve been trying to read a lot lately.  Most of the reason,  a few of my favorite authors had new releases. I always try to show my support and appreciation by reviewing an author’s books.  I am not a professional reviewer by any means.

I want to note a few of these books aren’t yet released, but you should go and add them on Goodreads OR “follow” the author on Amazon to get up-to-date release information.  Each book will be releasing soon!

NEW Releases:
Love's Revenge (Means of Mercy #2)Love’s Revenge by Terri Rochenski

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Anne is a remarkably strong woman who had the means to change her life. Anne didn’t have a fairy tale life, but it helped her grow and become a survivor. Have you ever been hurt so deeply you’d do anything to let it never happen again? Anne clung to her hurt and pain to make her life change and give her control of her own future for once and get her away from an abusive man.

I loved watching Anne grow and I loved meeting Connagher. He is the all American cowboy, and you can’t not love his patience and kindness. Anne made me want to slap her a few times, but after remembering her pain and knowing that she is headstrong you understand her hesitancy to allow herself to love anyone again.

I find it entertaining that Gavan allowed his desire and anger for what he couldn’t have destroy him and his relationship with Anne, only to have Anne to the same. The difference is she was productive with her anger.

You can’t go wrong if you like historical romances with heroines that take control of their own life overcoming the barriers for woman of the time. I could not put it down.

I did not see the ending at all. LOVED it!
UPCOMING Releases:

Susceptible to Him (Risso Family #1)Susceptible to Him by Lynn Burke

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you want a quick read with romance and a bit of steam that will get your nether regions going, read this!

This was a great contemporary read that I finished in one day. It left me smiling for the hero and heroine.

Lia needs to move past the hurt of finding her fiance in bed with other women (plural). In her mind this is a shock, she thought she had a loving relationship. Good thing she has an awesome, albeit horny, roommate. Someone has got to push Lia back out into the dating pool after two years.

What can I say about Ryan? He seems like the boy next door once he opens up. Granted he is a very rich boy next store who has a great car and an even more impressive body. The entire time he is a charmer with a very genuine side. He’s that man every woman would love to meet and marry. He might have all the charms of a lady’s man, but deep down he’s just another guy looking for love.

This book is steamy at points with a sweet budding romance.

A Highlander's Passion (Highlander's Beloved, #2)A Highlander’s Passion by Vonnie Davis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ms. Davis has a way with words. I love the first book in this series and the second book did not let me down. The youngest brother Bryce, was hinted at in the first book. Now we get to hear and see his story. Although this story has some serious undertones, Ms. Davis adds her humor at every twist and turn she can. I love getting lost in the highlands. Bryce is HOT and some of the scenes are smoldering. Oh to be Kenzie.

Kenzie is a contrast to the first books lighthearted feel. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this. She is a strong woman who has made it out of an abusive relationship and isn’t going to let it define her. It does however make her see the world in a tainted way.
Bryce is hell bent on getting her to see the good in the world and protect her. I say let him. As always, the men are hot. Gram is still a nut, but she is a nut with purpose.

Overall, if you loved book one this is a must read. The story is suspenseful with a little witchcraft, the good kinds mostly. The love story is believable and you can feel the pain that Kenzie endured and why she made some poor decisions in her past. You love Bryce for his ability to admit to his own mistakes and the sweet way he helps Kenzie heal from her pains. It can be read alone too, but I don’t know why you would want to miss A Highlanders Obsession. I can’t get enough of these kilted warriors.

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Mishmash Monday



Thanks Kelly Hashway  for mishmash Monday.

So Mishmash Monday is where you post what’s on your mind.  Here is what is on my mind and please feel free to share what is on yours.

  1. Book’s, books and more books.  I am reading Vonnie Davis’ upcoming release A Highlanders Passion. So far I’m in love. Granted I love Vonnie and all her writing. So be prepared!

Oh –who doesn’t love a good cover reveal?  I’ll let you know all about this book soon.  Check out Lynn Burke! 10801887_10152569888192233_240999556401119667_n  AccidentalValentine

Anyone have a list of books they are looking forward to?  Well here’s one for Valentine’s Day. Accidental Valentine. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

Also add Jamie Ayres new release to the to be read list! 18 Thoughts releases soon – and she is doing a giveaway and a blog hop!!






If you are in the mood, there is a new Historical releasing soon too! Join the Facebook party on the 26th – a Monday!!  I’ll be there at 2 MST until 3. PLEASE stop by for giveaways. 10394137_598739376936283_6330856839444373131_n

2. Alright, enough about books.  I am starting to see a glimmer of hope my kids might get to the age of playing together. My daughter is still a disaster and a death threat, but I think that is changing as my son gets older. I am praying!!

3. I am still trying to add some more work to my plate, I’d be very confused if I ever sat down with nothing to do. Web design and resume writing are great. Just need to get the word out for more clients.

Now to you, that is enough from me for one day.  What is on your mind today?


New Year and a New …

I didn’t set any goals this past New Years eve. The main reason is that I normally set myself up for failure.  Why do we do that to ourselves?  So although I am not setting up goals for the entire year and expecting myself to meet them, I am going to set some monthly goals to keep me going.  They will all be achievable goals though.  So here it goes-


For January:

1. I will finish my editing and get to the third draft of my current WIP.  I’ve posted a few snippets on facebook if you are interested.

2. I will wake up at the same time every morning and work until my short little dae-er, children wake up.  This could mean handling the day on a few hours of sleep.  I need consistency.  If it isn’t the best time, I will adjust it next month.

3.   I will find another freelance position. Web site design and resume writing is great, but I need one more source of income.  Any ideas?

4. My house will remain a shade better then last year.  I am going to set the goal of keeping the kitchen island cleaned off.  Sad goal I know.


And those folks are the goals i am setting for this month to try and improve my life. Did you do a new years resolution or do set mini goals for yourself throughout the year?


Mishmash Monday


Thanks Kelly Hashway  for mishmash Monday.

So Mishmash Monday is where you post whats on your mind.  Here is what is on my mind and please feel free to share what is on yours.

1. I am in the Happy Holidays Blog Hop! You can enter my giveaway  here, or check out the post here.



2.  I do not have to go into jury duty tomorrow!!!!  ROCK ON!!! I know it’s my civic duty, but I am super happy to not have to go in. My husband can’t walk and we have two little kids.  That was going to be one awful day!  I am thinking that this was our good luck after having to deal with some pretty major expenses recently.

3.  I doing resumes for a part time job right now and am going to pursue getting my certification soon.  Just add one more thing into my day 🙂

4.  Books! I am reading How to Seduce a Fireman right now, and somehow this book has gotten rid of my “writers block.”  Therefore my own story is flowing again too.

5. Last but not least, we survived Christmas. Just barely. My Christmas village never got up and the house wasn’t perfect, but we survived.  The lasagna actually turned out too.  Go me!

6. Check out my sidebar for new blog hops coming up. If you blog sign up. If you are a fan, mark your calendars! Pickmeup


That’s it for me at the moment.  Share your thoughts on life.  How were your holidays this year?

Mishmash Monday or Messed It Up On Monday – Tons on Tuesday


Kelly Hashway has a great idea – mishmash Monday.  I’ve envied this idea forever.  Well folks, she encourages people to participate with her now.  Too bad i fell flat on that.  So although this is a mishmash Monday post, I’m renaming it Messed It Up On Monday – Tons on Tuesday.

So Mishmash Monday is where you post whats on your mind.  Here is what is on my mind and please feel free to share what is on yours.

1. Facebook is falling into the whole pitfalls of greed.  I am sure you have seen all the posts going around and the changes being speculated about.  I already barely reach most of my “followers” so I am buying into Tsu.  You can find me here if you want to try something  like Facebook-but not.

6c254-lightacandle_cover2.  I just finished Echo Shea’s Light a Candle for the Beast and Aj Nuest’s A Furious Muse. I have posted reviews for Light a Candle for the Beast and will be doing so for A Furious Muse soon.  Both are great novella’s.

3.  A great deal on a book right now is by Vonnie Davis.  At the time of this post, A Highlands Obsession was on sale for .99!

4.  I am still pondering if i write a novella or dive all in and commit to full length books only. We all have our dreams, but I don’t want to be out the publishing circle too long… okay insert snicker here – I’d hate to let down my fans.  <cough>

5. My husband is having surergy on Thursday and will be down for 2 to 3 weeks.  I am hosting his family for the holiday (Christmas).  I might break down and start crying.  My house is a disaster and my kids are a mess on a good day.  I am so toast Cover_A Furious Musethis year I think.

That’s it for me at the moment.  Share your thoughts on life.