Amazon Best Seller

It happened, I am officially an Amazon Best Selling Author! I know right?  This is very exciting, I think.

In a sea of millions of books Once Upon a Time was noticed, and this is not an accident. How did we do it? Ads! Effective ad companies can actually help you get your name out there. Did we make back the money? I’ll send you that stats for Oct some time in November. I can tell you that the author who put together the anthology boasted that she made back her money in two days the first time the campaign was run on another title.

So what does it mean to be a best seller? At the moment I am not sure. I know it means that people thought our book was worth buying, and it means that Amazon will hopefully give us more visibility to sell. The thing is, we havn’t seen any additional reviews come through, something that is imperative to helping a book sell far longer than the initial release weeks.

It also means that I really need to get my next book in the series out. If people are noticing I need to keep up the momentum, something much easier said that done. All I can say is, I appreciate the author with a lot of experience in becoming a best seller for helping our book get to this point!

If you are interested in checking out Once Upon a Time the buy links are listed at the bottom of this post here.


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