I’m doing what?

I think I lost my mind this past month.  The good news is that I have a FREE contemporary romance story, I’ll Be Waiting, coming out that is a prequel to Winter’s Sweet Kiss – One in a Million Snowflakes. The other fun part is that I have a Fantasy Romance Novella – Finding Bell coming out in a collection called Once Upon A Time!

A little secret is there will be a scavenger hunt for Roane Publishing’s birthday this September and Once Upon a Time is on pre-order on Amazon for $.99c.


I'll be waiting_free read once upon a time








Finding Bell Part of : Once Upon Time

Annabella can’t remember anything before the last six years, and her dreams are telling her something, she just doesn’t know what. Desperate to find the missing pieces in her life, she heads to France  where a castle exists that matches the one in her dreams. Once there she has to figure out if the mysterious place holds the key to unlocking the past she can’t remember.

Henri, once a powerful Fae prince, is locked within the home he built for a princess that can’t remember him. A rose blooms every hundred years signifying the chance to break the curse placed on him and his Faerie Court. Something is changing, and the girl he loves has returned, but can he get her to love him again and free them all from the endless cycle?


I’ll Be Waiting

Finding someone that makes you smile is worth every risk.

Angela has pined away for Nick since they were kids, but he’s off limits. She’s supposed to plan a going away party with his sister, but Angela’s spending more time daydreaming than planning. Every glance from him drives her closer to throwing caution to the wind and has Angela wondering if he might feel the same way.

Nick has devoted his life to the military and is heading out on one more deployment. The party his sister and her best friend throw him is another excuse to spend his last few hours  with the woman he can’t get out of his head. Nick chases off the competition, but might have overstepped this time. Will one last parting gift be enough to keep her thinking of him until he returns?

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