Fighting the Demons

Is May the month of struggle for anyone else? Or maybe it is the Friday the Thirteenth thing, plus a full moon. I never believed in that kind of thing before, but this week has been a rough week of Mondays. In fact, I missed Tuesday altogether.

I need help. No, really. I need it. I struggle with the demands of life from kids, to cleaning, to working, to wanting to read a book. Where exactly is writing happening? It’s not. It’s fighting with some demons that say ‘this is never going to go 2016-05-11 23.43.37anywhere” and “no one actually reads what you write anyway.”

It’s hard when reviews are so daunting to pull out of readers. It’s hard to sit and write when entire stories play out in my head a million times better than I write it.

So, there you have it. That little doubt monster is back.

Pushing it all aside, I am doing as Taylor Swift does. “Shake it off.” I am going to start the synopsis. I feel like I need something to remind me where I was going. I don’t do outlines – too many rules to follow or change. A synopsis though is a great highlight of all the big parts of your book. I hope this will focus my energy and make me stop doubting. Besides, I love writing. Who cares if no one writes it, other than I would love someone to come visit me in my made up worlds.



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