No One Will See You – Part 1

Todays world is crazy. In order to be an author, agents and publishers alike want to see a platform. They want to see you out there promoting. This is fun, when as a new author or writer, you don’t always have something to promote.

I’m not here to talk about how to promote yourself when you have nothing, but rather hidden risks or details to different places we as authors or writers run to to build a platform.  Such as Facebook.

Facebook is a go to, and dare I say a must have. Everyone is on Facebook. Even authors who have held out, seem to end up there. Did you know you can have a page or an account as an author? Do you know the difference?

A page is an account linked to your original personal account. The negatives are that you can’t friend anyone, but fans can like you. You can run giveaways on your page as well, which is nice. The issue? Facebook doesn’t always show your posts to everyone. If they think it is a sales ploy they hide them. One tip is to attach photos to posts. This seems to help the posts get seen more. You can however, like other pages from this account and still keep a writing life separate to some degree. You can also see your updates from the pages app as well as the Facebook app no matter who you are logged in as.

Take Charge of your writingAn account can be nice since it acts just like your personal account. You can have friends and everything. The negatives? Well, you have to log in and out of this account and any other account. You live two separate lives. This can be cumbersome if you stay logged in as one on your aps. There are  also no options for giveaway tabs. Not the end of the world, but nice if you use a free WordPress account, or other accounts that won’t support HTML for giveaways. That being said, this makes your author life completely independent from that of your personal life.

Please comment below what method you like and why. Our lessons learned can be very helpful to new and upcoming writers.



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