Naming Your Story

I am in the middle of a new book – single, not another anthology. The WIP name has changed about 5 times and I still don’t know what to name it when I go to submit it. I started realizing most of my books were titled after completion. And oddly, most of the titles were due to the endings.  This seems to work in contemporary romances. I don’t’ know that they would work in other genres.

How do you name your books?

Maybe this is a spoiler, not sure?

It all started (1)In my book Any Other Way, (Free short story) the last line is “Maybe. But, you wouldn’t have me any other way.”


In Garden of Souls, part of Spooktacular Seductions,  I actually had the title namesake mentioned in the first two pages. “That’s what it was, a garden of Souls.” Which, she is talking about a cemetery.  The names comes back around in the end too. This one actually had a lot of reason to be called what it was I suppose.


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