Summer’s Sweet Embrace, Releases- It’s Here!

It’s summer and people usually think of visiting beaches for vacations. You might even live near a beach if you’re lucky enough. Funny though, is even though so many people flock to the ocean, it doesn’t mean they actually want to swim in it. What a more appropriate way to sneak a peek into the lives of our authors of Summer’s Sweet Embrace, a summer romance anthology.

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Tell us, which do you prefer. The ocean or the pool?  Don’t be shy, why do you like it?

Michelle Ziegler:

I love the idea of the ocean – but I can’t get over swimming in a very large potty. I mean, fish and manuals have to go somewhere. Oh, and don’t get me started on the idea of tiny microorganisms clamoring to stick to me. Nope. No. Not ganna happen. Plus, think about it. Crabs have 8 legs, that’s a spider on land. Another thing, sharks or barracudas anyone? And coral? Have you ever hit a coral reef – ouch. That being said, I actually love the ocean, but find the pool more relaxing.

Laurie Treacy:

This answer is easy! My story is titled “Ocean Dust,” which is the title of a song I love by the band Hands Like Houses. I based my fictional town on Montauk since it’s my favorite place to vacation. There is nothing else like the ocean. The smell of salt, the feel of the water misting my skin, walking on sand, the sound of sea gulls and ship horns. Admiring the natural beauty of crashing waves, to see morning creep across the horizon and evening slip into place. Witnessing the power of storms, rain or snow, is unforgettable. I love the ocean. It revitalizes and inspires me.

Christa MacDonald:

Even though pools have no crabs nibbling at your toes or seaweed, there is something unique about the ocean that wins out every time.  The smell of the air,  the sound of the waves crashing, and the pull of the tide all combine to create something awe-inspiring, it’s magical.

Kim Strattford:

Ocean.  Although the recent spate of shark attacks and jellyfish infestations make me leery.  I grew up swimming in a saltwater inlet and while I love pools, they just don’t have the same feeling.  But they also don’t have Jaws waiting to mistake me for a seal.  So it’s sort of a wash.  As long as I can swim, I’m happy.

Jaylee Austin:

The ocean is my favorite early morning or late evening experience. To me the ocean is a great place for reflection and daydreaming. Growing up in Gulf Shores, Alabama you could walk out far into the ocean with its crystal blue water and see the minnows nibble at your skin. As kids we’d laugh and try to catch them. I now live along the California Coast and I love the raging waves and tide pools found in Laguna Beach.

Niki Mitchell:

I prefer the ocean. There’s is nothing better than an ocean breeze, the smell of salt and sea, and the constant ebb and flow of waves to create a romantic mood.

Melissa J. Crispin:

Definitely, hands down, I prefer the pool. While I enjoy the ocean, I am paranoid of what’s lurking in the water that can’t be seen.

Sheryl Winters:

I know I’m supposed to pick one but honestly? I prefer pools to swim in and Oceans to visit.  I’m the type that will worry about what is in the ocean with me, jellyfish or sharks. In the pool, I can control the depth I want to sleep in, I can control how deep I want to go. However, if I’m going to go off into a trance and watch it for hours, I want the ocean. I want to hear the waves, breathe in that beautiful, timeless scent and let the waves lap over my feet.



Summer's Sweet EmbraceTitle:  Summer’s Sweet Embrace, a sweet romance anthology

Author:  Various

Publisher:  Roane Publishing

Release Date:  August 19, 2015

Keywords:  Summer, Beach, Ocean, romance, contemporary, Summertime Romance, short stories

Description: Summertime love is always the sweetest. These eight sweet tales of summer romance are the perfect companion for a day at the lake or the beach.

Truly Paradise – Michelle Ziegler

Waiting for the right one can be torture.
Too bad for Hailey, impatience got the best of her. Finding Mr. Right in time for a destination wedding couldn’t happen fast enough. Instead of listening to reason, or rather her friends, she’s stuck in paradise alone, again. Nothing ruins a tropical paradise faster than catching your date with another woman.Justin’s ready for a change. He’s been caught up in his own success for too long and is looking to finally settle down. Timing is everything and his cousins wedding is the perfect start of his new life. His luck is changing with the captivating mystery woman on the beach.  Now all he has to do is find her, before he agrees to his family’s match making plot.

Ocean Dust – Laurie Treacy

Carly Dawson, 18, is facing her last summer before leaving for college, all alone. Still nursing a broken heart over the loss of her boyfriend, Chase Montgomery, she wants the next two months to be different. A shocking unexpected visitor one night just may offer Carly the excitement she seeks. Her only decision is whether or not to choose what this visitor offers her.

The Beach Rose – Christa MacDonald

Annie Thomas can’t believe her good luck when she inherits the family’s beach house in Oceanside Maine.  It’s one of the few places she was truly happy so she sells everything she owns, quits her job, and moves in hoping that her new business, The Beach Rose, will bring in enough money in its first season to let her live up there year round.  But on her first day things aren’t as easy or as simple as she’d hoped.  To cap it off she discovers that her best new client is actually the boy she had a huge teenage crush on.  So much for rekindling a summer romance.

For Craig, Annie was everything he wanted when he was a geeky seventeen year-old.  Now that he’s pushing forty and the owner of half the real estate in town, he wants another shot at convincing her that he’s everything she needs.  He didn’t count on her owning the business he just signed a contract with though.  Craig has to find a way to help Annie’s struggling business without her knowing it since anything else would push her further away and that’s the last thing he wants.

Together they may get a second chance for a summer romance.

When the Sea Swallows the Sun – Kim Strattford

A trip to Clearwater Beach was supposed to be a fun escape from the D.C. rat race for Emma and her boyfriend Sam.  Until Sam dumped her, leaving her with a ticket she was too cheap not to use and a resolution to enjoy her time in the sun and get over him.  A plan that sputters when Sam’s good friend Rick shows up.  Rick, who’s never seemed to approve of her for reasons she’s never understood.  Rick, who seems to think he has license to bug her just because he bought Sam’s ticket.  Rick, who may be a much nicer guy than she ever realized, and who might have a very good reason for not thinking much of her.  Can they make peace in the beautiful Florida sun and surf?  Peace—or maybe more?

Love’s Nectar – Jaylee Austin

What if fate pushed you to make a choice between keeping a promise and revealing a truth? After her grandmother’s death, she opens an unexpected letter containing an unwanted request. Isabel feels obligated to honor her grams final wish. In the process she risks losing the man of her dreams.

Six months before their marriage Isabel reveals a time bomb that will forever change their lives. He loves her but the betrayal of not trusting him weighs heavy on his heart. Trust means everything to Seth.

One ring, journal, box, spirit, and flower will teach everyone the power of commitment and the importance of honesty.  Secrets left buried will always haunt the living, a life lived truthfully leads to happily ever after. Will Isabel and Seth realize this before they are doomed to replay the mistakes of the past?

Love’s High Tide – Niki Mitchell

Tired of the vacationers hitting on her, surf shop owner, Skye Taylor quits dating. In walks the cocky, Harley Nicholson from Idaho. She’s not open for another summer fling. Can he convinces her to give love a chance?

Harley sees Skye shooting through the Huntington Beach Pier on her surfboard. Mesmerized by the woman’s connection with the wave, he sets out to meet the brazen surfer. He bets his cousin that before he leaves in three weeks, she’ll be his.

Skye’s life is kept busy running the Epic Surf Shop and training for annual surfing contest. The handsome, buff Idahoan interests her, but she doesn’t want another disastrous summer fling. Harley charms her into giving him a surfing lesson, woos her with moonlight strolls, and coaxes her with sweet gestures. Skye discovers Harley’s betrayal. She refuses to see him or hear his explanation.

Miserable, Harley must do something monumental to win her back. Will Skye ever forgive Harley?

Linger – Melissa J. Crispin

Tracey Thompson isn’t like most twenty-year-olds. She’s looking forward to settling down and marrying her soul mate, Noah Martin. Even though their love bloomed when they were just little kids, they never doubted it and never looked back.

When a tragic accident separates Tracey from Noah, she struggles to go on without him. As the days wear on, she becomes aware of a chance for them to be together once again. All she needs to do is understand what tore them apart in the first place. But, overcoming this is harder than it seems. Will she be strong enough to find her way back to him?

Above Reproach – Sheryl Winters

Executive Secretary, Margaret Simms should have had it all. An apartment on the beach and a job at Reynolds Ad Agency, working for her best friend and business mogul, Garrett Reynolds.

A one night stand leads to a pregnancy and a re-evaluation of her life goals. In reality, Margaret’s always hated her office job and culinary school is her life dream. But that too is ripped away from her when Garrett, her best friend and father of her child, develops cancer.

Obligation forces her back to the work she hates. When office espionage threatens her life, Margaret finds she must make a choice. Stand up for what she truly believes in or lose all she’s ever wanted.


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