Happy Memorial DAY

4thIn the US, it is Memorial Day. A day to remember the fallen men and woman who gave their life in service to our country.  I feel like people sometimes forget why they have freedoms. One is a strong military that will fight for the people. My country, for those overseas, isn’t perfect and my government is run by humans. Whenever humans are involved you will have a flawed society, a flawed government.

The thing is, most service member enter the military hoping to make a difference. They have ideas that they will be fighting for a cause, but in the end answer any and all calls of service. Sometimes the war or cause isn’t what they would personally support either. The point is, they serve so you don’t have to. They give up their freedom to choose so that you can.

Remember that today is about all those that never came home.  For the families affected, I thank you for standing behind your soldier and I pray for your peace. I hope that someday it gets easier to wake up each day knowing that your solider is watching over you.

And for those that say “I don’t support the troops.” Is it over one negative soldier you saw in the news? Perhaps it’s from an imposter on the street that you didn’t know was an imposter. I am not judging you because most humans stink, don’t judge all soldiers because there was one bad egg or your hate of our commander and chief.

To those that paid the ultimate price US service members and members of military in other countries, we remember you.

Sorry for the morbid post. So now onto positive information.  If you want to help or know of some great organizations to help those who service post in the comments. International organizations are welcome, but please make sure you note the country that organization supports.

These are all US support:

Adopt a Platoon

Tangible goods donations

Authors that have some books featuring service members – because I can’t not blog about books!

Vonnie Davis

Joanne Stewart

2 thoughts on “Happy Memorial DAY

  1. swtspontaneous says:

    Thank you for this balanced view. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for regardless of any political agendas our veterans are sent to carryout and should show appreciation! 🙂

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I just saw your comment… I’ll blame my kids, because why not 🙂 Thanks for the comment and stopping by. Thank you for supporting our troops. Even soldiers have political opinions that don’t always align with current administrations. People seem to forget they are humans doing a job – just a very dangerous one at times. I hope you have had wonderful week!!

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