Mishmash Monday



Thanks Kelly Hashway  for mishmash Monday.

So Mishmash Monday is where you post what’s on your mind.  Here is what is on my mind and please feel free to share what is on yours.


It’s another Monday, where did the weekend go?  Alright.  Well here is what’s on my mind.

1. My publisher is getting ready for a sale in May. I am pretty excited about this!  Please if you can, sign up to help get the word out with the thunderclap.

2. I feel like I don’t always get to talk to everyone I want to. Authors, LEAcoverreaders, etc. There just isn’t enough time in a day and everyone seems busy. Please though, if you need a shout out, a guest post, or whatever, please let me know! I would love to host you. Please send me an email to michelleziegler_co <at> hotmail <dot> com.  Please don’t feel bad asking!

3. Love Elixir Antidote just released!! Check it out. There is a blog tour going on right now!

4. I’m in the middle of editing a short story for submission.  It’s turning out to be a little bit of Rebeca’s happily ever after from Any other Way. Not sure I expected that. I’m trying to give sneak previews at my group online… check it out 🙂

5. I really want to hear from you guys! Being an author or a work from home professional gets lonely.  Please feel free to talk to me about anything!  Such  as  what are you reading?  I love finding new books!

Have a great start of your week!



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