Mishmash Monday – But on a Tuesday



Thanks Kelly Hashway  for mishmash Monday.

So Mishmash Monday is where you post what’s on your mind.  Here is what is on my mind and please feel free to share what is on yours.

  1. Anyone see the Lego Movie? Please tell me someone else is in the kid movie H-E-Double Hokey Stick.  Well if not they have Freedom Friday but on a Thursday or something like that. I’ve started to tune out the majority of the movies these days. MOVING ON
  2. Where do you market? I am trying to expand where I market. I have a few avid readers of my blog and facebook, but in the end I need to try and get some new “faces”.  If you know of any hops or great groups that you wouldn’t mind sharing with me I will reciprocate. Speaking up here is a May Blog Hop with Roane Publishing.  Go sign up.
  3. What am I reading? Yeah, not really sure.  I am actually diving back into a book for a review after a few nights of being very pressed for time with working. I just finished Skydreamer by Sheryl Winters (Hot Dragon changers – really!), and I finally broke down and read the remainder of the third Hunger Games.  I want to go back to Skydreamer. It has a happy ending regardless of all the tension. Anyone want to discuss what was wrong with the end of the third Hunger Games book?
  4. My writing news. There isn’t a lot to tell at the moment. But one of my books is actually on a public shelf – library of course, not a store. This is still awesome since they chose to buy several!  You can request books be added to your local libraries through their websites. There is usually a “request books to add” form under your account. These are great ways to support authors when you are on a tight budget! You can check out what books I have written on my site or through Goodreads and Amazon. On those two sites you can follow an author to stay up on releases <hint, hint>.  Oh and I am writing away. Never fear. More stories on the way.



I think that’s enough for today.  Happy reading, writing, and enjoying life. I hear the weather is getting nicer everywhere. Spring is in the air!

Now to you, that is enough from me for one day.  What is on your mind today?



3 thoughts on “Mishmash Monday – But on a Tuesday

  1. Quanie Miller (@QuanieMiller) says:

    Goodreads is great for meeting other authors. If you’re a part of groups and join discussions, that’s always a good way to make your presence known. Guest hosting gets you in front of people who wouldn’t normally see you. But at the end of the day, the authors I’ve seen who are really successful have lots of books, so I think the key is to just write as much quality material as you can. Good luck!

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