Mishmash Monday


Thanks Kelly Hashway  for mishmash Monday.

So Mishmash Monday is where you post whats on your mind.  Here is what is on my mind and please feel free to share what is on yours.

1. I am in the Happy Holidays Blog Hop! You can enter my giveaway  here, or check out the post here.



2.  I do not have to go into jury duty tomorrow!!!!  ROCK ON!!! I know it’s my civic duty, but I am super happy to not have to go in. My husband can’t walk and we have two little kids.  That was going to be one awful day!  I am thinking that this was our good luck after having to deal with some pretty major expenses recently.

3.  I doing resumes for a part time job right now and am going to pursue getting my certification soon.  Just add one more thing into my day 🙂

4.  Books! I am reading How to Seduce a Fireman right now, and somehow this book has gotten rid of my “writers block.”  Therefore my own story is flowing again too.

5. Last but not least, we survived Christmas. Just barely. My Christmas village never got up and the house wasn’t perfect, but we survived.  The lasagna actually turned out too.  Go me!

6. Check out my sidebar for new blog hops coming up. If you blog sign up. If you are a fan, mark your calendars! Pickmeup


That’s it for me at the moment.  Share your thoughts on life.  How were your holidays this year?

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