The Four Letter Word – Fun Fact or Not on Friday

There are a lot of four letter words.  remove your mind from going down the dark tunnel-or the gutter.  Seriously stop it!  Okay.  Back on track now.  I find it interesting that several very important words that shape our lives are 4 letters.  Love and fear are two that I think can shape people and how they handle life.

As a child I knew a lot of fear.  Fear of failure, fear of getting lost, fear of change, fear of being 10379858_883353919832_7604146096195761269_ounwanted, fear, fear, fear. I was afraid of everything.  I actually went to a teacher in the sixth grade and requested to have a separate role in the class so that I was never be put on the spot during class.  I was so afraid of ridicule.

Well as an adult those fears stayed and grew worse until my life could be boiled down to one problem-I wasn’t living, I was hiding.  Writing has become my outlet.  In away I still hide behind my words, but at the same time my fear gives me plots and imperfect heroines and heroes.

Why do I share a huge flaw in my character so openly in my blog and in my writing?  I hope it shows someone, anyone, that sometimes our worst bits of humanity are what make life interesting.  No one wants to read about a perfect person.

Good news for my readers. I haven’t outgrown all my fears.  Some are soul deep, so I guess that means more reading material for you 🙂

Words to live by though-learn to control your fear so that it never controls you.

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