NaNoWriMo -Why I Don’t

It’s that time of year again.  The NaNo craze is in full swing.  In fact, it’s been for several weeks. So, have you wondered if I was participating?  Why there have been no status updates? The answer is, no I’m not. I don’t ever do NaNo.

Let’s clear the air.  It isn’t’ because I think I am better then it.  I am not.  It’s not because I couldn’t use something to push me to get my books done.  I need tons of help. The issue is, I’d be setting myself up to fail. I’d much rather set up goals I can meet.  I have two kids and am trying to build a few businesses.  I write when I can.  So good luck to all that partake.  I may join you in a few years.

So what is my goal for my novel to be through draft one and maybe draft two?  Christmas.  My husband is taking some needed vacation that I hope means I get some writing done.  We shall see. I love him, but sometimes he’s simply a third kid.

So for those who are fans of my writing (please tell me there is at least one of you,) I will be posting bits of my new story on facebook.  Go like my page if you haven’t,

For my fellow writers.  Do you Nano and why?hmmm

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