Meet Sheryl Winters and her Pet Dragon

I have the honor of interviewing a wonderful author today!  The woman cracks me up.  She claims that she isn’t very crafty and that she doesn’t live in an Igloo (she lives in Alaska, so I swear she lives in an Igloo.)  Aside from those two short comings, the woman is amazing and I’d love you all to meet her.  Also don’t forget to check out her free short story Pixified and her recent release Perr-fect Mating.



So my dear Sheryl enlighten our audience, where do you draw the line on the “heat” level in
your books and why? 

Closed door, peeking in, or holy cow I need a fan?
Details.. I leave them out. My characters tend to hint at the action but then they always close the door making me wonder. I think it’s more up to the character I’m writing at the moment. I’ve never had a character scream.. “Write more sex, write more sex.” I believe a story can be well told and still be pg.

Who do you choose?  Knight or shape-shifting dragon?  Yeah, had to ask.
I think I’d like to see a knight that is a shape shifting dragon, but seriously, if I had to choose I think I’d pick the dragon/human combo, more firepower and the ability to take off in a flight. Let’s face it, knights are great in battle, but I’m already doing the dishes. The last thing a princess wants is to hook up with a knight and then have to shine his armor every day!

You write lots of different types of characters.  What is your favorite to
write about and why? I don’t have a favorite, but I do have a lot of favorites. Usually it’s their choices that interest me. Why did they .. jump into marriage, fight off a mugger instead of running. That type of thing, I love the-finding-out-of-the-why.

What drink do you need while writing?  You know coffee, beer, martini, hot
chocolate, maybe a juice box?
Juice box.
Just kidding, Diet Pepsi, over ice in a glass cup and never plastic!

While writing do you snack or are you more of a ‘who has time to take your
fingers off the keyboard type?’ I’m a Dorito type of girl. Throw in a cup of Rotel (Hot, never medium or mild) and I’m in heaven.

Who is the pet you have in your backyard – I know who it is, but please introduce him to our guests.  Oh, you better give a description.

Leathery wings that stretch over ten feet long, barrel shaped body. Hide as black as a late winters night and blue eyes that pierces the darkness around him.

He has TEETH. Large sharp teeth, scores of teeth, teeth so large they could burrow through the body armor of a knigh…. 

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Despite what you think Michelle, Egbert the dragon is purely fictional. In my back yard live only two beings. Prince, a beautiful fifteen year-old black lab/border collie cross with tiny ears that flop forward and a chubby lab body. Brown eyes that show nothing but love. Silver, blue heeler and Border Collie. All salt and pepper colored. The ability to race back and forth from his dog house to the main house six times in less than 3 seconds. Amazing speed for a thirteen-year-old.

                         I might take back all the nice things I just said about this woman.  How dare   you lie to me about Egbert?

Do you have any pets that are considered more domestic?  “Yes, see above,” She says with a cheeky grin.

What was the inspiration behind your latest release? Frozen Raspberry Ice-cream and Pixies. I kept picturing a bakery full to the brim with mischievous Pixies. Thus, Pixified was born.

Last question.  If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be? Ireland. I love the ancient castles, the land, the beauty of it. I’d love to go visit, see the history up close.



Alright-well I guess that’s Sheryl in a nut shell.  Check out my interview at her blog.  She also has some short stories over at her site to peek at too.

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