Throw Back Thursday-My First Publication

2014-09-03 13.30.07 (2)This week was the release of a FREE short story of mine.  In case you missed it, you can go here.

What are your dreams and have you been chasing them for years?  Or have you really not started to chase them yet?

I’ve been writing forever.  I’ve found poems from grade school,  short stories from high school, and random chicken scratch from goodness knows when.  I simply love to write. I love to visit my own worlds, or see women over come struggles we may all have faced, or maybe something we could all face. I love the escape to have a small break from reality.

So all that being said, I just found the first poem that my mother sent out for me.  It was published in a collection of poems.  At the time I didn’t care.  I never had a thought of grandeur.  It was not a reality be a writer.  That was too frivolous to dream to think about in my family.  Don’t worry.  My mother is a closest dreamer though.  So somehow at ten I was published in some collection.  It meant nothing then, but today it makes me smile that I am revisiting a happy path.

So throw back Thursday.  Anything you are coming back around to that is making you smile? Making you feel like you just might be on the right path in life?

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