The Evolution of a Story


I’ve been watching a lot of Looney Tunes lately – my daughters new favorite thing. They started in 1930 and wrapped up in 1969.  So what’s my point here?

Well stories and writers all go through an evolution.  It doesn’t take us thirty years, I hope, but our stories evolve as we do rounds of edits.  As authors, we evolve and change with each submission process.  This is a good thing.  If you think you can’t ever learn anything or that your story is the best it could be straight out of the gate, well you will earn a reputation as a author that is hard to work with.

Going back to Looney Tunes.  I think most of us would agree that the animations for the early versions aren’t nearly as good as the later.  The tools got better, the technology improved, and then one day color!

Now look at your story.  Version one is a primitive bare bones version.  Round two is smoothing out the lines, making the story resemble what you’d always hoped it would be.  Round three is when you enter into the age of technicolor, hehe just kidding, you can have full blown 3d graphics if you want.  All the same you are finally adding the color, the details, correcting punctuation, filling in small issues.  Making it shine.  Okay, your evolution may have six rounds or two or twelve, but the point is you really have to do these edits.  I hated editing.  I still do.  The difference is now I have evolved a little as an author. I now realize that my story takes on a new form in that second stage of editing.  It turns into something I actually love, if not, I fix it.

So don’t skip the edits.  Don’t forget that everyone can get better – even Looney Tunes.

What do you think?  Hate editing, love it, or just survive it?Clampett-Porky

Oh last parting words.  You do have to let go at some point 🙂  If no one ever did and you just wanted for the timing to be right OR the technology to get better you won’t ever see your work out there.  It’s a balance.

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3 thoughts on “The Evolution of a Story

  1. Tracy says:

    Wow, very helpful. I love being reminded of these things and that nothing is going to be perfect right away. Editing stops me and I need to get over that….it can all seem so overwhelming. I found you through IWSG….I am a co-host this month! So fun meeting new bloggers!

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