When Books Make You Angry

Who has read a book that drives you batty?  The kind of book where you want to reach out and strangle the main character?  I think we all have.  It’s pretty much human nature to not love everyone and everything.  The difference of that kind of book compared to a book that can actually make me angry, is that I will continue to read book number one and question the later.

Seriously.  There is a difference between being able to relate to a character or at least care.  That’s the difference, you care enough to want to throttle a character or you flat out hate a character and the author for what they’ve done.  Caring doesn’t mean you can always relate, but you care and want to strangle said character for going against your idea of better judgement.  The second example is that you have such an unlikable character it makes you want to throw the book into the kiddie pool and scream that you want your money back.20140527-155254-57174806.jpg

So that’s where i am. I’m reading a book that I might actually hate.  I honestly think the main character is stupid – mostly because it feels like the author hasn’t shown me enough to why the character is doing what she is doing.  Being that the book in on my kindle I won’t be throwing it into the pool.  I am however trying to decide if I continue.  Maybe the story is good enough to skim?  I guess I will take a break and make some bags of water for the kids.  They stay cool to the touch, which is super nice for summer and maybe my temper at this book.  Grrrrr.



5 thoughts on “When Books Make You Angry

      • sherylwinters says:

        I remember reading a book. (The Hobbit) and hating it. I shuddered my way through it. 15 years later I picked it up and loved it. I think it’s a mindset sometimes. Then again there is that odd book. The one that still angers me…

  1. jamieayres says:

    OMG, I did the same thing with The Hobbit, Sheryl!!! One of my favorite books now 🙂 And Michelle, I hope you didn’t finally pick up 18 Things, lol.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      Hehe!!!! Jamie no not yet! I’m gearing up for a good cry. I think I’m almost ready – after I skip to the end of the current book I’m in. 🙂 I have faith you won’t let me down!

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