The Editing Dibocle


Raise your hand if you are stuck in an editing conundrum. What I mean is do you struggle with editing?

When am I gong to get this editing thing figured out.  I’m not an idiot, but I certainly feel like one every time I try and edit and miss some pretty obvious things.  I try and present a manuscript as best I can and reality is, well it usually still stinks.  I just didn’t know it.

I’ve bought the books, the grammar ones, that people suggest.  I read a lot,and I try and remember certain rules. The issue is, that when it comes to my writing I’m simply too close.  Even beta readers, well some, won’t catch it all.

So what are your secrets to getting ready for submissions?

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2 thoughts on “The Editing Dibocle

  1. Kelly Bradley Hashway says:

    I can spot errors in other people’s manuscripts without any problem, but editing my own? Not so much. We are too close to our work. We know the story so well that our brains fill in for the errors and we can’t see them. I’m always embarrassed by mistakes in my work because they are things I would have spotted if I didn’t write the manuscript.

  2. lonitownsend says:

    I usually end up wincing whenever I do editing. But, on rare occasions, I actually like what I read. 🙂 Keep on working through it. Little mistakes will pop up, even when you’d thought you caught them all. It happens to everyone.

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