Worst Date Ever – Is it Murphy’s Law?

Murphy_CoverWhat’s the worst date you’ve ever been on? I asked the authors of For the Love of Murphy and you wouldn’t believe their answers. Count your lucky stars you’re sitting safely at home or work, or anywhere not on these dates!  I honestly think this post backfired. These poor women deserve some chocolate or a drink!

What goes up, must come down. What can go wrong most likely will –  in love that is.  What’s your story of Murphy’s law in love?

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Take it away ladies!


Michelle Ziegler:

Hmm choices, choices.  Do I pick the first and last date to Hooters, or the date where we were literally fighting by the time he got me to my car (we actually left dinner early over irreconcilable differences.)

I think I will go with the date from  hell Hooters.  It was the date saved by the bell.  Who can say that literarily?

The best date EVER, later turned into a movie that was canceled due to a fire alarm.  I actually paid for my own ticket and yet he kept the complimentary ticket back.  I mean what isn’t awesome about Hooters, my date eating all the food, paying for my own movie, and then being left without the refunded ticket to another movie.  That fire alarm was pretty much a blessing.  The only loss is that I never did get to try the wings.  I hear they are actually pretty tasty.

London Saint James:

I briefly met this guy when I picked up my BFF from work one evening. A couple of days later I received a phone call. When I asked how he got my number, he told me he “looked me up.” That was the first of many phone calls. I had to give the guy his dues, he was persistent and I finally said yes.

We went to a hole in the wall pizza place where he ordered and ate an entire pizza, except the one piece I actually got to taste, and then asked me to pitch in for half of the bill.

Next up, the movies, but I never actually made it inside the theater. He didn’t like what was playing. We went for a ride in his oversized pickup truck instead. Why? To drag Main Street USA and to listen to horrible mix tapes while he asked me questions about my best friend who he worked with.

The date had been terrible, so when he pulled into my driveway and parked I was glad the night had come to an end, only he grabbed me up and launched his mouth at me. The whole attack of the killer tongue took me by surprise. Talk about awkward. But the world class ending to this date had to be when he said, “I don’t want you to be upset, but I think it’s only fair to let you know I’m going to ask your friend out.”

Lisa Adams:

I decided to surprise someone I was with at the time. I arranged for a sitter for my three month old and made myself up to join my partner at a local club that he had gone to with some friends. I remember feeling all giddy inside and making myself up to look especially nice. I drove the short distance and saw him sitting there with some friends drinking and having a good time. I rounded the corner and stood in front of the table, elated that we would get a few hours away together.
He took one look at me, and his face dropped. He stood up grabbed my hand and escorted me out the club. In the parking lot he managed to through a foray of guilt at me for leaving my daughter. Then, we went straight home and he spent the rest of the night mad that I had spoiled his good time. So, there it is. Honesty to the core. A night I believed would have been the most fun I had been able to participate in almost a year, turned out to be a soul crushing moment.

Rebecca Hart:

My worst date…there were a few bad ones…hmmm. I’d have to say my worst date was with someone a friend set me up with. Blind dates always have more potential for disaster than a standard one, so it wasn’t too surprising the gentleman didn’t “look” like my typical dating partner. But, one can’t judge a book, or a man, by the cover, so I stayed and we had dinner. Over the course of the meal, he extolled the virtues of his bankroll, how important his job was and on his amazing sexual prowess. By the end of the date, not only had he not asked one question about who I was, but I was ready to gouge out my ears while screaming for the hills. Ever polite, at the end of dinner I offered to pay for my half of the bill, thanked him for a pleasant dinner, and left the restaurant. He must have known things didn’t go well, because he never called or contacted me after the date…I truly didn’t mind. 🙂

Annabelle Blume:

The worst date I ever had was the date I didn’t know was a date. I’m a little oblivious, it seems, when it comes to whether or not someone is interested in me. So, there I was, a Sophomore in high school, and I mentioned I had never been to Bob’s Big Boy to the Senior boy in my photography class. He asked me if I wanted to go there for breakfast on Saturday. Sounded good, so I agreed. We had a nice time, chit chatting about whatever, and then he took me home. When I got home, my mom asked if I kissed him. Totally aghast, I asked her why I would do that? She replied, “Because that’s what people do on dates.” I was totally floored because it never once crossed my mind we were on a date. Oops!



For the Love of Murphy

Publisher:  Roane Publishing

Release Date:  March 17, 2014

Key Words:  Adult, Romance, Sweet, Contemporary, Anthology

No Wrong Turns by Lisa A. Adams

Jessica Brannah is escaping from her last heartbreak with a loaded car and a new address. But, when Murphy’s Law finds her stranded in a back country town, she realizes there’s no outrunning love.

Falling For You by Michelle Ziegler

Darci’s ready to move on. Too bad the dating pool stinks.  Until, a ghost from her past resurfaces—the man she missed out on in college.

Andrew was the one man she’d always loved, but neither of them ever made a move.  But, old feelings aren’t the only thing resurfacing of late.  Darci’s ex comes crawling back at the most inappropriate time, and with all the testosterone flying, she might not end up with either man.

Coffee and Cufflinks by Annabelle Blume

Fresh out of a failed relationship and exhausted by a constant barrage of fiascos at work, Olivia Johnson doesn’t see the man of her dreams standing right in front of her. She tells herself the morning coffee meet-ups with Daren are nothing but coincidence, but even she can’t deny his unequivocal attractiveness. When a night entertaining clients takes a turn for the worst, and Daren shows up where she least expects him, failure starts to look more like fate.

A Slippery Slope by Rebecca Hart

Anne Montgomery is psyched for her girl’s only weekend, despite her friends’ choice of vacation locale—the snowy slopes of Harris Peak Ski Resort—where someone as notoriously accident prone as she has no business being. When Murphy’s Law finally catches up with her, Anne is forced to consider there may be times when it pays to be unlucky.

The Shamrock Incident by London Saint James

Florist, Marissa Carmichael isn’t usually a klutz, but she’s in a hurry and having a bad day. In her haste, she loses her balance and tumbles from the back room of her shop, arms flailing. Her less than graceful entrance halted by a headfirst crash into a display case chock full of silk flowers.

Trey Cleary didn’t think his day could get any worse, until he finds. himself picking the side view mirror of his BMW up from the ground. On a mission to do something about it, he locates the flower shop matching the name on the back of the van that mangled his ‘baby’. But, his car is forgotten when a beautiful woman bursts into the room like an out of control whirling dervish, and takes one mother of a wipeout into the shop’s counter. Coming to her aid brings out the hero in him like no one he’s ever encountered, and leaves him with a need to know more.

For Marissa and Trey, this just might be the one time it pays to be unlucky.


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8 thoughts on “Worst Date Ever – Is it Murphy’s Law?

  1. jdh2690 says:

    I was raised by an pair of truly overbearing, over-protective parents (honest), so found it hard in college to make discerning decisions on my own…and made some bad choices as a result. I learned the hard way that I needed to know more about myself before trying find out about boys-to-men and their ploys to grab and grope. I gradually “grew up” and learned how not to be taken advantage of, but it was a rocky road full of “worst dates.” 🙂 Thanks for your stories and post! jdh2690@gmail.com

    • M. Ziegler says:

      Ugh – so sorry to hear that! I think I was in a bit of the same and ended up making lots of mistakes! I look back now and laugh, and thank God things didn’t end worse. The good news is, i have lots of drama and disaster to write about. Thanks for sharing your story!

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