18 Truths Blogfest

Happy book birthday Jamie! Ms. Antsy, or I mean Ayres, asked what my lie was.  Did you guess it?

To celebrate 18 Truths, we posted two truths and one lie:

1. My husband and I met on a setup and he practically ran from me the first time we were introduced. truth

(He’s shy.)

2. I have two dogs, a lab and a golden retriever.

3. I work as a web designer by day and an author by night.

So here is the answer. <drum roll>

The lie is 3!  Currently I am a Manufacturing Process Engineer. I’ll be losing my job, thank you outsourcing, in March. After that I plan to learn web design as a possible career change. Anyone need a site?

So, I really do have two dogs and my husband really was too shy to stick around even tough we both left at the same time from a friends house.

My two children are making this post nearly impossible, so I leave you with this: Go buy 18 Truths and help support education. Jamie will donate her royalties to the school she teaches at. Pop over to her site for details.

Go check out others on the tour and see if you can spot the lie. Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway too!!!

Blogfest participants


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