Fun Fact Friday – Georgie Tyler’s Warming Things Up

Georgie Profile PhotodbbIt’s cold here in Colorado. I can’t say its cold everywhere though. Georgie Tyler’s new release should thaw things out. Not only is her new release a romance set in the heat of a warm climate, the woman lives in a climate goldmine, Australia. Hey Georgie, feel free to send some warm thoughts our way. (… the book will warm your blood too.)

Georgie’s new release Doctors Beyond Borders, is unique and fresh.  I wanted to know what inspired such a cool plot. Take it away Georgie.

1. What inspired you to write Doctors Beyond Borders?

I admire people who leave their 1st world life to help others not so fortunate in the 3rd world. We read about them all the time in the news and in magazines. I wanted to make these people my main characters in DBB and along with developing a budding romance between the protagonists show the hardships and dangers they face being deployed to places like Sudan. Since I also supported children in Sudan through a charity, it was a no brainer to use this location as I had learnt quite a bit about it corresponding with my children and their families and from the charity itself. I’m also also convinced  I must have ventured into these sub-Saharan lands in a past life as they have always intrigued me. I’ve got a bit of a Lawrence of Arabia thing going on and think the music score to that film is one of the best ever!

2. Who is the character in your story that originally inspired the story?

It would have to be one of the boys my heroine, Ariadne sponsors before she embarks on her journey to Sudan as a volunteer Doctor for medicines Sans Frontieres (MSF). It’s remarkable how a story can stem from just one small idea and flourish into a whole book.

3. Where is your favorite place to write?

At my desk. It’s just a nook facing a large window allowing me to gaze at the evergreen treetops of the National Forest across the road. It’s a messy desk most of the time which can be aggravating, especially when I’m looking for something buried under a wad of papers and folders! But I read a quote from Albert Einstein once and I don’t care how messy it is anymore. He said;

‘If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what then is an empty desk a sign?’s Beyond Borders

And if you think my desk is cluttered you should take a look at what’s going on in my head!  Having said that, it does get a tidy up once in a while!

Thanks for having me Michelle!

Doctors Beyond Borders

She’s about to find out that nothing is fair when it comes to war except perhaps, the healing power of love.

When Ariadne Tate takes a deployment to Sudan with a medical aid organisation, romance is the last thing on her mind…but Dr Ford Gosden puts a glitch in her plans. Too damn attractive for his own good and a thoroughly nice guy, Ford slowly seeps under Ariadne’s skin.

But Sudan is not a stable place to form a relationship, and as political tension escalates in the region, Ariadne has no choice but to focus on her job and her safety. Under the protection of a UN convoy, she heads out into the war-torn countryside — and the unthinkable happens. Captured and held hostage by a renegade with no chance of escape, Ariadne’s hope for a new life with the man she loves begins to fade and the fight for her life begins.


When the hell were you going to tell me about this? Ford threw the piece of paper across the desk.

Ariadne bit the inside of her lip. She looked at her R&R leave glaring at her in black print. She took a deep breath and braced herself. I was going to tell you this week. Her voice was cool and steady.

He leaned down, his hands grabbing the sides of the desk. Everyone else seems to know. His lips were pulled tight across his teeth.

Ariadne gulped hard. I meant to tell you but I haven’t seen you much. She couldn’t look at him.

You saw me last night, he snarled.

Her eyes looked up. His face was scorched with anger.

It started to rub off on her. He could go to hell. Bursting into the office, demanding to know every move she made? It was because of him that she contrived this ridiculous strategy of working her guts out so she could avoid them fucking like a couple of rabbits.

What do you want me to do about it? It’s okay if I have to watch you leave and be left here in this hellhole. But when I decide to leave before you, you don’t like it. She tried to keep her voice even but knew she sounded like a petulant child.

He pushed himself off the desk, his eyes never leaving hers. They softened, saddened. I decided I was only going home for two weeks to sort some things out, then I planned to come back for your last couple of weeks here and then I thought I might visit Sydney…I’ve never been. The anger in his eyes had dissipated completely, now replaced by a deep-seated hurt.

Ariadne’s lips parted. Pangs of guilt stabbed at her and his stare slashed her to pieces. He was going to come to Sydney? She started to tremble. He wanted to come to Sydney with me? She felt the heat of tears searing her eyes. Her bottom lip began to quiver as he turned and strode out of the office. Alone and bereft, she dropped her head into her arms and sobbed.

About the Author:

Georgie Tyler lives on Sydney’s leafy North Shore with her husband and three children. After years of being a stay-at-home mum she decided to branch out and return to university to study teaching and pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a writer. When she’s not teaching or writing she likes to watch movies, catch up with family and friends, and has been known to dally on social media.

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