Branding – for Authors and Others

When you think of brand what comes to mind?  Levi’s – jeans.  Old Navy – economical clothing.  Janet Evonvich – Romance and Cozy Mystery Author.  United States Postal Service – mail.  Michelle Ziegler – awesome author, hehe. Sorry couldn’t resist.  But do you see where I am going?

A brand is what a company wants to be known for.  You want to become a “brand name.”  I’ve seen authors trying to brand a series or a specific book and nearly nothing for their name.  If you are a one hit wonder I suppose that will work.  Most authors, or companies in general, want to sell more then one thing ever.

Take steps to get your name associated to your product by branding yourself. Are you a suspense writer?  Brand yourself this way and people will find your books.

I am an author and I write romance.  Therefore most of the items i post about or share are romance genre related.  Most people who follow me are fans of some type of romance – or maybe just a fan of me.  I like to be helpful and lighthearted.  You will rarely ever see me post something sad, depressing, or otherwise soul stomping.  What is my brand?  Well you tell me.  When you think about me, what words pop in your head?

Look at commercials and do the same exercise.  What made you jump to your conclusions.

If you brand yourself you can market better to your audience too.  My suggestion to authors is brand yourself or the niche you are in right now.  You can branch out as needed, but don’t brand a single book or series.  You want to be more then a one-hit-wonder.  Or I assume.

So whats your brand?  If you don’t know, let’s work on it!


One thought on “Branding – for Authors and Others

  1. jamieayres says:

    Branding is a tricky thing . . . when I was giving my blog a makeover during Christmas break, I picked this dark wood theme b/c I thought it’d feel like my commenters were visiting me in a cozy log cabin . . . my friend sent me a text and said she was scared of my new blog look–too dark, like a serial killer hid a body somewhere on my blog. EEK! I quickly changed the new theme to something else, lol. I keep my posts lighthearted too, and I want my look to reflect that, along with matching my book covers (for now).

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