Fighting to Write


It’s an uphill battle in my house, finding the time to write. (And apparently finding time to get a post out.)  It’s seems like the world is against my dream. The house beckons me to clean it, the children demand attention, my husband doesn’t always understand ‘I’m busy’, and even the dogs want to play. (I didn’t feel like mentioning my job either.)

For most of us, writing is an outlet.  For me, is helps keep my calm when life smacks me in the face. So why then is it so hard to say no to distractions and write? I have constant guilt if I neglect anything, so like most, my hobby happens late at night.

I’ve learned to say no to the millions of other hobbies that I like, but don’t love.  I’ve learned that there is such a thing as being ‘clean enough.’ I’ve accepted that my clothes may never see my dresser again, at least until I run out of empty baskets. I’ve compromised and my house is where that compromise lies.

I suppose what I’ve learned is that I’ve had to set priorities in order to write.  I have the bare minimum of what I need to accomplish and then, as soon as my kids actually hit the hay, I sit down and finally let my words spill out onto the screen.

So when you see that your house isn’t spotless, or the laundry isn’t sorted don’t feel guilty – or maybe that’s what I tell myself.  There are things you can’t neglect and then there are things you can.  Learn to let somethings go in order to win the fight to write.  I am a much happier person, even if I only got 10 minutes in.

Does it make you feel any better to know you might not be the only one whose life is less then perfect in order to do something you need to do?

Visit other bloggers in the Insecure Writers Support Group !  Also, thanks to the Head Ninja Captain, Alex J. Cavanaugh for creating Insecure Writers group!


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