Vonnie’s Santa Wears Leather! (Her New Release)

Oh boy.  Vonnie’s got a new Hero and just in time for Christmas.  Be prepared for a great cover.  The leather clad male really brings out the puppy, don’t you think? 🙂

I’m so excited to kick off Vonnie’s new release, Santa Wore Leather’s. Thank you Vonnie for joining me the day after Thanksgiving (for those in the US). I love holidays! Next stop Christmas.

So sit back, kick up your feet, and maybe grab some chocolate. Vonnie took the holiday off from cooking and I think she deserves it!

Take it away Vonnie. Please tell us all about Santa Wore Leathers. For all the fans out there, does your version of Santa wear bright red or black leather?

Vonnie_logo_grayTeal2 Michelle, thank you for having me on your blog today. You mark the start of my promo blitz to promote the release of my Christmas novella, Santa Wore Leathers. This is my first story with HarperImpulse, the eBook imprint of Harper Collins. Imagine my surprise when they gave me my release date—Thanksgiving. Gee, guess the English don’t celebrate our turkey day.

Thanksgiving was quite different for Calvin and me this year. Instead of traveling to visit my grown children and grandchildren in Maryland and Indiana, we stayed home so I could do all the promotion I detest. Although I must admit, with a larger publisher there’s less I have to do. My editor at HarperImpulse has been great at pushing both me and the release.

Michelle asked what we had on our Thanksgiving table this year. Sorry, no family secret recipes or long-time favorites. Calvin made reservations, and we went out to eat. While the menu was full of typical holiday fare, things weren’t prepared quite as we were used to having them. I will admit to drooling over their pecan pie, my favorite. I was thankful for Calvin’s thoughtfulness and for the kitchen staff who prepared the meal for so many strangers. And for every person who purchased my novella.

New Release

Take one man-shy reporter, a gorgeous ex-Navy SEAL turned firefighter, add in a thong-stealing dog… and Christmas will never be the same again!

There’s only one thing on Becca Sinclair’s Christmas list this holiday season – her very own column in the local paper. And if she can build a huge blog following, her wish just might come true.Santa Wears Leathers

Enter Dan “Wolf” Wolford aka the man-whore next door and the new star of Becca’s popular, post-divorce blog about men. A Navy SEAL turned commander of the Florida Marine Rescue Unit, Wolf’s the very definition of the word alpha – and with an endless rotation of women on his doorstep, this hunk on a Harley has Becca and her female followers all hot and bothered!

All Becca wants for Christmas is her newspaper column, right? But when she finds herself the target of Wolf’s irresistible attentions, her snarky comebacks become less and less convincing and, suddenly, she’s not so sure anymore…

ExcerptJust then his door opened, and man-whore stepped out on his small front porch. In a purely feminine reaction, Becca reached to smooth back her hair. Suddenly, Einstein wrenched his leash from her grip and took off.

“Einstein! Einstein, stop!” She sprinted after her errant dog.

Her neighbor pivoted. Einstein leaped, knocking him back against the door. “Whoa, there big guy!” He accepted the canine kisses and aimed dark eyes at her. “Is he yours? He’s some dog.” His large hands ruffled Einstein’s fur. Firm biceps flexed under her neighbor’s black Harley T-shirt, and the bottom of a wicked tribal tattoo peeked from beneath his right sleeve.

“Yes. I’m sorry he jumped on you. He never takes off like that.”

No doubt one dog recognizes another.

“Man, I’d love a dog like him. A man’s dog, you know? I’ve got a cat. Not by choice, though. When my sister went off to college, she left Fluffy with me.” Man-whore aimed a wide smile at her, his perfectly straight teeth a contrast to his tan. A dimple winked. The fact he only

had one dimple was the singular flaw on his flawlessly handsome face. Now that she was within five feet of him, she could clearly examine his features. Having watched him through her window from time-to-time, she knew he was tall and muscular. But up close, she realized he had the body of a serious weight lifter. His long, dark brown hair was brushed straight back. The skin crinkled at the corners of espresso-colored eyes when he smiled, which he seemed to do easily and frequently. Yet, it was the vision of him holding a cat named Fluffy that nearly made her smile. Muscle man and putty cat.

“You live next door, don’t you?” He jerked his head toward her home.

She bent to grasp the end of her dog’s leash. “Yes, I do.”

He extended his hand when she straightened. “Dan Wolford.” His dimple flashed again and his smile did all kinds of twitchy things to her insides. “Most people simply call me Wolf.”

I’ll just bet they do.

She glanced at his hand for a second. No need to be rude, even if she didn’t care for his cavalier attitude toward women. She did the polite thing. “Welcome to the neighborhood, Dan.”

“Wolf, please.” His large paw enveloped hers, and warmth spread upwards from her stomach, did a backflip and then dove downwards.

Meanwhile, his dark gaze assessed her entire body and face, as if she were the most dazzling woman in sweaty running clothes he’d ever seen. His solitary dimple winked along with his thousand-watt smile. One dark eyebrow rose as if he were waiting for her to share her name. She wasn’t sure why she hesitated. She was reluctant. Fueled by his cocksure attitude, no doubt. Now there was a cliché, if ever she’d heard one.

His thumb rubbed slow, lazy circles over her knuckles detonating sensual signals straight to her core. Oh, he was good at this magnetism stuff.

Wolf glanced at her prancing, panting dog. “Einstein, does your owner have a name? It looks like she’s not sharing today.”

Oh, for Pete’s sake.

Einstein whined, his tongue lolling crooked from his mouth.

“Huh, looks like Einstein’s not talking either.” She tugged her hand free. “Excuse me. I have Christmas shopping planned for this afternoon. I better get going.”




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