Guilty – I Watch Terrible Movies

Anyone really embarrassed to admit they watch a movie or series?  I think a lot of people felt that way about Twilight – if you were over the age of 14 anyway. Well for me, my new guilty pleasuresteps are the terrible – and I MEAN TERRIBLE, Step Up Movies.  The plots are awful, well sub-par. The motives are weak and character development is far from well done.  So why do I watch them?  I love the music, the dancing, and the idea that it gets me off the couch to dance with my kids.  Plus, if you watch something mindless that has more music then dialogue you can actually multitask easily.

 Well, I did it.  I got that weight off my chest.  Phew. I feel so much better.

 So what is something you’ve watched recently that made you scratch your head and wonder, what the heck am I doing?


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