The Ultimate Revamp

 So you have a story.  So you have a story someone wants to buy.  So you had a story someone wanted to buy. 

 What happens when acquisitions occur or small publishers break down?  Rights are returned and stories begin to collect dust.  That seems logical. edits

 The thing is. There are a lot of authors who actually didn’t sit long at all.  They had marketable stories and were determined to find a new home.  Several of my stories were written for specific themes and therefore needed to be changed a little.  I am finally getting back on the wagon and doing just this.  I know too many authors that have had amazing success to give up now, and yes, they were where I was.

 What is my point?  If you have a story don’t give up.  Revamp things if you need to.  If you know someone valued it, the odds are someone else will do the same.  All things that are worth doing usually take a lot of work for the payoff.   Perk up and keep on trucking!

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3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Revamp

  1. Jennifer M Eaton says:

    OOO. So Nice to be listed with Vonnie Davis and Linda Carroll-Bradd!

    You are right, Michelle. If a story is good, you will find another home for it. You may have to wait a while, because some publishers do not want to re-publish right away, but a good story is always a good story.

    Never give up!

  2. jamieayres says:

    You got the right attitude! I think it’s wise for authors to do A LOT of research on small pub’s before signing with them 🙂 As my favorite fish likes to say, “Just keep swimming!”

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