Thoughtful Tuesday – I Miss Motivation

I miss motivation. I feel like the kitty fell out of the tree. I love to write and will continue, but sometimes others successes make you feel like a failure. Or maybe that is just me. You wonder what’s their secret. Are they really that good or are they just lucky? Then you plot your own sick and twisted success story.

Well I had gotten to that point of success and yet the rug was removed from beneath my feet. So now what? I have no idea. Where do you go? I always believe everything has a purpose. God had this happen for a reason. Too bad I don’t have a cheat guide as to what the reason was.

Anyone have a surplus of motivation to share?


And incase you don’t get the picture.  Susan “wants a real kitty hanging out of a real tree” when they decorated her cell with a “hang in there kitty” poster.  I couldn’t find the poster 😦  Oh and for those without kids this is from Monsters vs Aliens.


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