Fun Fact Friday – So What if You’re a Best Seller

I’d tell you why I’m late on posting, but that isn’t’ a fun fact.  I will tell you though that I have been allowing some self doubt to creep into my mind lately and found today’s fact a little helpful.   doughnut

Who doesn’t know of Janet Evanovich?  If you don’t, then most likely you live in a cave.  Well, that or you just don’t read the genre’s she writes.  Either way.  She is a very successful author and a best seller.  Her first Stephanie Plum novel was made into a movie last year even.  What is my point?  Well, even she has two books that have never been published!  That’s right.  An author who has proven herself time and time again still has unpublished works that probably won’t see the light of day.

The fun fact of it all is that everyone has learning to do or editing.  No one’s stories are perfect out of the gate and just because a few stories get rejected doesn’t mean that ten won’t be accepted.  Keep writing if you are a writer.  Keep reading and telling the authors you love that you love them if you are a reader.  Write

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3 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday – So What if You’re a Best Seller

  1. ajnuest says:

    I. Love. This. POST! I love this post, Michelle! Thank you SO much for sharing this. I needed to hear this today. Um…on another note, whatever happened yesterday, I hope today is better! XOXO

    • M. Ziegler says:

      Haha – oh life just happened! Sick kids, exploding diapers, you know. Anyway glad you liked it. I needed to hear it too. Glad I could improve your day 🙂

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