Fun Fact Friday – How Do You Like Your Hero

I’ve been on a old movie kick.  When I say old, I am talking 50’s,60’s, 70’s.  I guess old means pre-now to clear up offending anyone.  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Gidget, Bikini Beach, etc. Along side my hunger for these old romances, a new hero is emerging in BDSM erotic romances that brings me to wonder.  How do we like our heroes?gidget

I like my heroes to be strong, but have a soft side.  I like them to be just a little possessive and territorial, but not violent or a male chauvinistic.  He has to have morals, he has to be devoted  and he also has to have a sense of humor. You can get through a lot with laughs.  He’ll always be damaged by something, but it’s always something my heroines can fix or help him over come.  It’s the gooey center of my otherwise rock-solid man.  He’s usually the sound mind and down to earth person; bringing sanity into my heroines brides for seven brothers

I asked a fellow author, Joanne Stewart, this same question and here is her response.

I like my heroes to be…soft, yet strong. I like them to be a mix between Alpha and Beta. He knows what he wants and what he likes. He’s strong in his principles, and he’s not afraid to stand up for them. He’s the type of guy who won’t hesitate to step to the heroine’s defense, whether she likes it or not. 😉 But he’s also soft around the edges. He’s got a heart of gold, makes a good friend and sibling. The kind of guy who’s good with kids and dogs. He’s flawed, got some quirk that absolutely drives the heroine crazy, but all in all, he’s a nice guy.

A related post from Joanne on hero’s can be found here.

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So how about you?  Do you like the men in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?  They start out as womanizing pigs and end up loving their wives very much.  Do you like your men like Frankie in Bikini Beach – DENSE and running from commitment just to turn back to the woman you love in the end because something else didn’t work out?  Or how about the men in the new erotic romances? Damaged and on a quest for ultimate control.  It sort of seems like men have been portrayed as messed up for years.  I wonder why? hmmm
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2 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday – How Do You Like Your Hero

  1. ajnuest says:

    I am definitely a fan of the Balpha male — a little Alpha, a little Beta. I think this is because my dad is a Balpha. Growing up in a family of all women, he was truly the only male figure around (poor guy). LOL I also married a Balpha. My kids and I describe “dad” as a burnt marshmallow. All gruff and tough on the exterior but, inside, he’s a gooey mass of creamy goodness. I craft my heroes the same way. 🙂

    • M. Ziegler says:

      Hmm I need to go analyze my husband. Poor guy 🙂 Won’t he be happy. I think it only makes sense that we married men that we also love to model our heroes after.

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