Fun Fact Friday – Reviews Count

My fun fact is that I’m barely surviving having two kids and we are out of chocolate. Actually the author that was going to appear today had a family emergency this week and I didn’t have the time to get someone on short notice.

That being said, I thought that I would write and remind readers that a review can go a long way.  The fun fact of reviews is that you as a reader can actually help out your favorite author or stop someone from wasting their time on a poorly written book.

Why review a book you loved? Well its a great thank you to the author and it also will help get the book recommended to others when they do searches.  Maybe your review is just a number for some large bestsellers, but to the independents and the small-publisher contracted authors these reviews are precious!  In a world where digital is becoming the new fad this could actually be the best way to help new and favorite authors grow.  blah

If you want to review a book be constructive and maybe think about this method.  Mention what the author did right, then mention what didn’t work for you (unless you just loved the book), and close with a positive statement.  Authors will love you, readers will take you sincerely, and lastly you won’t sound like you are another angry person on a rampage.  Yes, authors do pay attention to their reviews.

Happy Friday and happy reading.



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