Fun Fact Friday – Name That Baby

I am still waiting for my second child to decide to make his way into the world.  It’s a little depressing and somewhat daunting to be in the holding pattern.  I called it though.  He was going to be late.  What can you do?  Make the best of it I guess.  So, instead of posting one author I had for today I wanted to squeak this in and touch on the imaginations of a bunch of romance authors.

boyMy husband and I are struggling with names.  We have a couple of ideas, but nothing concrete.  A online authors network I belong to picked up on this tiny issue and ta-da my week instantly improved – if not from the fun ideas of names, but from the comic relief as well.  Tell a group of romance writers you need boy names and you are in for a world of fun.

You should go check out their books. Think about it, if their hero’s names are any indication of how unique their stories are you can’t lose!  Some of the men are hot and steamy as the name implies.  I don’t know about you, but when I say a name I try to get a sense of what my son might end up like some day.  If I had my way he would turn into the next James Bond; be a hero, get a great woman beside him, and save the world.   I know.  I really don’t expect much from my kids, right?  Maybe this is why I write – to get the crazy ideas in check.

So let’s reveal some of the colorful name choices –

Beau, Jake, Finn, Trevor, Colin, Cooper, Rhyder, Devin, and Creed – Mac Crowne

Blaine, Kevin, Davis, Bennett, Ryker – Patricia Gauthier 

Kieran, Daniel, Jamie, Andrew, Aaron, Mark, Jimmy, Joseph, Jay and Will –  Rachel Brimble 

Drew Jacob or Drew Niko – Vonnie Davis

Gary, Joe, Johnny, Reed, Greg, Bo, Dave, Chance, Nick, Tony, Blade, Alessandro (Al for short), Luke, Donovan, Billy, Charlie, Andy, Steffen, Logan, Chandler, Bob, Mac, Finn, Paden, Calum, Jamie – Sue Fineman

Matthias (Matty), Renee (he’s french), Grayson, Caedmon, Augustus (Gus), David (Dibs for short) – Aj Nuest

Cole, Chase, Ethan, Logan, Shane, Tyler, Flynn, Adam, Dillon, Kane, Travis, Daniel, Nicholas – Jannie Gallant

Dillon, Alex, Michael, Kyle, Jackson, Colt, Luc (short for Luciano) – Joanne Stewart 

Roman –  Rolynn Anderson 

What are your favorite male hero names – even if you wouldn’t name a real little boy after it.

Entertaining links –

Werewolf Baby Names

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10 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday – Name That Baby

  1. juliesanocki says:

    Naming a baby is surprisingly hard! I think my husband and I fought more over our son’s name than we have over anything else in the last 10 years.

    The names we give our children are important. They say a lot about who we are and what we want for them.

  2. ajnuest says:

    MICHELLE! This is so, so, cool!! You are so totally cool! The name we had the hardest time deciding on was our daughter’s. I made list after list and my husband just didn’t like any of the names. It wasn’t until she made her first appearance we finally decided…and then it took us all of two seconds. Lily Belle looked up at us and we knew. Done.

    I would like to add one more name to your list I didn’t see there. Jack. I’ve always loved that name. So much I gave it to my son.

    Good luck and keep us in the loop about how you’re progressing.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      Our daughter was named the same way. I had a list-husband didn’t like it. But when we met her it all just fell into place. Of course now I see her name fits her perfectly. I wish we might have picked a name that was calm and serene.

  3. lillygayleauthorl says:

    Great post. And cool names from some of my favorite author “friends.” And just in case you need more names for your list, might I suggest, Vincent, Chadwick (Chad,) Devin, Noah, and Gerard.

  4. mackenzie crowne says:

    Well geez, Michelle. Did we narrow things down, or just confuse you more? 🙂

    Picking the name is one of those sweet parts of waiting for your new love. Like AJ, my second son didn’t project his name until he popped his head out and greeted us. He blinked, then scrunched up his little face and bawled and we both said, hello Kevin. I’ll add the name Jared, so I don’t leave out my first son.

    Don’t stress if you can’t choose till he gets here. Like the heroes in your writings, he’ll let you know who he is. Stay cool, babe.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      Ohhh what a cute story. All I remember of my daughters birth was how exhausted I was and glad she was out. When they laid her on my chest I remember a tiny butt – my husband waited a few minutes for me to get with the program and then we named her as she was screaming.

      Narrowing down choices though…well. It’s like you said. Your characters let you know who they are, i’m sure he will too.

  5. Sue Fineman says:

    Once you see your son’s face, you’ll know what to call him. See how the name sounds when you call it out the back door, because you’ll be doing that a few thousand times before he’s grown. Whatever you name him, I’m excited for you and wish you and your family the best.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I had to laugh because last night that is precisely what my husband decided to do…sort of. He couldn’t see himself yelling certain names and therefore they dropped from the list. I think no matter what, it’s coming down to seeing his little face 🙂 thanks for the good wishes. Now he just needs to get here!!!!

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