Thoughful Tuesday – The Street Corner

Okay, I am talking about a street corner.  I know, i know.  What comes to mind – well okay that’s a loaded question.  Here is my thought though.  If I see a new ‘homeless’ or ‘needy’ person on a specific street corner all the time do I assume that corner is lucrative and they all have a rotation or that it’s horrible and even the desperate move on?  Should I make a mental note to skip that corner should life ever get that bad?street

Really though the new trend on street begging is to plaster a photo of your 5 kids and wife.  FYI what is your wife doing and why do all people in need have 5 kids?  I am not trying to be judgmental.  I’m just curious when it is you actually can believe the person on the corner is in need.  I’ve seen a lunch thrown away because the man wanted money. So don’t mind me if I am skeptical about motive.  I guess I will keep donating to actual organizations and hoping that they reach those in need.

I personally would prefer to keep donating to places like the VVA ( and try and keep people of the streets in other ways.  I am a sucker for local animal shelters too.

What are your causes?  Do you have charities of choice?  I have a character in a book who’s a sucker – her story isn’t very well developed yet.  I think I just found her more inspiration thanks to the random people on the street corner in Denver.


2 thoughts on “Thoughful Tuesday – The Street Corner

  1. Mel Kinnel (@TizMellyMel) says:

    I’m often skeptical about panhandlers and their back-stories. There are always news accounts that pop up revealing a panhandler’s true identity and the scam they’re running. The shameful thing is, there are people who truly need help and the scammers give them all a bad name.

    I don’t really have a charity that I regularly contribute to but I do participate at work in gathering items to donate to an organization that sends care packages to soldiers in Afghanistan. I also collect Box Tops for Education for my kid’s school. Participating products put the Box Top label on their product, you clip it, give it to the school and they turn them in to get educational items for the school.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      There are so many charities these days you could spend all your time giving! It’s so sad though that there are those out there that ruin the help for those who really are in need. I don’t want to be a bad person and not help but sometimes you just don’t know.

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