Thoughtful Tuesday – Every Car is the Right Car

Have you ever met someone, noticed their car, and promptly decided any car that looks like that car is their car? What I mean is- now that you know your boss drives a red jeep you now think any time you see a red jeep he must be there. You are now the weird person taking a glance just to make sure it is indeed not your boss.

Maybe you aren’t that person. If you aren’t, then don’t judge. I am a visual person and for some reason this is an odd habit I have developed. Let’s take my husband’s car for instance. He drove a red Ford Escape. Every time I saw another red SUV I’d have to check and make sure it wasn’t him. Wouldn’t I have been surprised has one day it been him. Otherwise it is just an odd thing I

Anyone else do this or have an odd habit that they are almost too embarrassed to admit to? I think quirks like this can make for some great moments in books.

5 thoughts on “Thoughtful Tuesday – Every Car is the Right Car

  1. jamieayres says:

    Since I drive like Jeff Gordon, I’m driving too fast to notice;-) But I drive a Saturn Vue if you want to keep an eye out for me, or get out of my way, hahahaha ❤

  2. Kenneth Jobe says:

    My wife’s aunt drives a yellow beetle. One time when she was on vacation out of state, we saw a similar car coming toward us and I automatically said, “is that Barbie?” And my wife still looked, even though we both knew better. Every yellow beetle is Aunt Barbie, lol.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I love it! I’ve done the same thing – granted my husband looks at me like I’m a bit off my rocker. So we defy logic. Oh well. I love it though – Barbie drives a bug…

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