Sweets Blogfest

How do I not join in a blogfest on sweets! I love sweets, well I do when I am pregnant anyway. Today’s favorite is Fannie Mae’s Mint Meltaway’s. Alas i have none and I don’t live anywhere easy to get any. That is probably best for my waist line. I keep dreaming. In the mean time I suppose I can make do with skittles or ice-cream. I have noticed that whatever I am craving my character will inevitably be eating in at least one scene of my current work in progress.

Authors Beth Fred and Kelly Hashway are doing a blogfest to promote their new “Sweet” YA Romance releases! You have a chance to win ebooks of Love All and The Other Marlowe Girl available March 6 to 12 AM on the 10th. Winners will be announced the following Monday.  Look below for a peek at my sweet romance too.

Sweets Blogfest_work

Come check out my new release in May. Here’s a little teaser:

It’s hard to find a date when you happen to be in love with someone else.

Too bad for Angela her reality is simply that; she is in love with someone she can’t have. Down to the wire on time, her companies Christmas party is around the corner and she needs a date. If she doesn’t, Angela could end up on a disastrous set-up.

Running from yet another date, Angela jumps into her familiar getaway car to find Nick, her life-long crush, back from his latest deployment and in the driver’s seat. Strategic planning on his part has them finally giving into years of denied feelings, only for reality to hit hard the next day. Angela pushes Nick away in fear of losing his sister, her best friend. Angela accepts Nick’s anger towards the reality that faces them; she isn’t exactly elated either. Angela has no idea what she is in for when it comes to strategy and is no match for Nick and his military background. All’s fair in love and war. Angela needs to decide if risking her friendship is worth a relationship with Nick, or if she should just give up and resign herself to a life with someone else.

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8 thoughts on “Sweets Blogfest

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I hate to admit I write in some kind of craving even if I am not pregnant… what does that say about me 🙂 That is a fun way to remember the pregnancy though! Great point.

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