Thoughtful Tuesday – Flipping the Coin

I was thinking about how everything in life is a balancing act.  Sometimes the good out weighs the bad and sometimes not.  But while thinking I concluded that my life feels like two sides of a coin sometimes.

I love to write and yet I hate to edit.  Turns out though that I love to fix edits from someone else.

Ice Cream. I LOVE to eat it, but hate that it goes to my hips.  Just because it is a dairy product doesn’t coinmake it healthy – hate that too.

Working – love that it pays my bills, but I hate that it isn’t my dream job.  Then again the word job doesn’t usually imply something enjoyable.

I love to craft, but I hate that it’s one more thing I feel like I need to fit into an already crazy schedule.

I love the snow, but I hate to drive in it.  It’s so pretty as it falls, but then i have to shovel the crap.

I love that my baby boy is kicking, but I hate that he is sitting on my bladder right now.

Life just goes on and on like that.  Nothing we love is ever perfect. You can love your child but want to kill them after they just ground spit up, chewed, soggy Oreo into your carpet. (True story.) i think my daughter would say she loves the Oreo cream and hates the cookie part.

What do you love in life that makes you ignore the dislike?


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