Thoughtful Tuesday – Valentine’s Inspirations – Or Singles Awareness

Being single around Valentine’s day – or Singles Awareness Day as I used to call it,  never really bothered me.  This was mostly due to whomever I might have been dating never seemed to remember to send flowers anyway.  But looking back at those months, where all the singles gathered together in forces, they were really good times.  Those times and memories now help inspire new stories, new ideas, and new jokes.heart

Of course my husband does a great job of remembering this Hallmark holiday and I have no room to complain anymore. But the great times are usually not the inspiration to a novel.  Bad boyfriends, horrible fights, and the let downs usually give you the meat of any Romance story.  Sad but true.

Fun fact about me.  I remember how to spell valentine because of a song I learned in first grade.  No it isn’t a hard word to spell, but I now can not spell it without singing in my head every time.

What about you? Do you like the hallmark holiday?

2 thoughts on “Thoughtful Tuesday – Valentine’s Inspirations – Or Singles Awareness

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I think everything is more romantic in the early years, life gets in the way. I have to do v-day cards for my daughters class this year and she is not even 2 yet! So that means i get to write them all. Life is still good and I don’t think we really need a day to tell us to love our significant others. But it’s there anyway.

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