Fun Fact Friday – Jennifer Eaton’s FIRST Solo Release (Jack and Jill)

Jack and Jill went up the hill … okay you know the rhyme.  And this story isn’t anything like it.  Then again, Author Jennifer Eaton isn’t run of the mill either.  Before I tell you about her new solo release, here’s a fun fact:  Behind ever good author is a great dog.  Or at least in Jennifer’s case.

Have you ever owned a dog worth more then your first car?  Well I have so I can relate, granted my car was …um special. Jennifer’s poodle had some impressive blood lines and could be a show dog.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t really envision her running around the ring on animal planet – but she could.  So not to say her first car wasn’t awesome, although who’s first car really is, it’s just that her dog is more awesome.  Thanks Jennifer for letting us look into your life 🙂

It’s still winter so curl up with a cup of cocoa and a feel good book!

Jack and Jill Volume 1

Lighthearted Romance jack-jill-volume-one-cover

Jack & Jill, Volume One Connect The Dots Jill writes her most intimate Christmas wish to God—and throws it away for its ridiculousness, but Christmas wishes have a way of coming true, even when you don’t know what you’ve wished for. A Test of Faith One day after her Christmas wish comes true, Jill faces a wrenching choice that tests her deepest beliefs. Will love prevail over conviction, or is happiness nothing more than a fairytale?

NOW go take a look at her new book, Jack and Jill.  Go to Amazon now and like.  Even if you aren’t ready to read a new book make sure you like it on Amazon.  Yes – there is a small like button you can click. Her book is available in paperback and e-versions.


9 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday – Jennifer Eaton’s FIRST Solo Release (Jack and Jill)

  1. Jennifer M Eaton says:

    Thank you so much Michelle! I just found out my little princess is a finalist in a cutest dog photo competition at Still Moments Publishing. I can’t wait to get to a computer so I can size up the competition !

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