Thoughtful Tuesday – A Balancing Act

Is there really a balance between rushing to finish something and giving something your all?  Anyone else feel like their life is on constant fast forward?

I feel like just to get another story done or finish the blanket I said I would make for my daughter, that I am missing the quality that needs to happen on day one.  Sure it got done, but now I regret that there might be errors or badly lined up stitches. bal

Maybe it only matters when someone else notices.  Well for writing and submitting the odds are pretty huge that someone is going to notice the rush job.  Then again practice makes perfect and maybe, just maybe, quantity might be in my favor if I improve every time.  Of course I need to spend a teensy bit more time on quality.

What do you think?  Are you always in a rush or do you get everything done right the first time?

8 thoughts on “Thoughtful Tuesday – A Balancing Act

  1. jaimeguerard says:

    It’s hard sometimes not to rush especially when you’re excited about something. It’s in our human nature to want it NOW! But I’ve learned through this whole process with my novel that you HAVE to be patient and not rush through it. I’m very glad to say that I didn’t rush through it to “just get it out there”. I have taken the time to make sure it’s prefect and I’m very happy with the outcome of waiting! 🙂

    Balance (in your life) is something that I’ve had to learn. Working from home (both writing and working a “day job”) has been difficult. I just (last week) had a talk with my husband about needing to balance out my life. If you don’t have balance then your family could suffer. And if that happens and you neglect your family and you don’t have balance then you could (1) drive yourself crazy and become exhausted and (2) you could loose your family over it. That’s not worth it at all. 🙂

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I am jealous that you have a job that you can work from home – okay I am jealous of anyone who works within in a 20 minute commute. I need that – I commute for 1 hour each way. The good news is that work for me stays at work and I have time to ponder writing. I think for me having a child had forced me to start to balance life, but that leaves less time to write. I think my issue is I middles and I hate to edit and rush those areas of writing. I need to ignore the word count until I feel like I really did my best for a first draft. Lessons, lessons. They just keep coming.
      It’s so hard to learn patience and wait.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      It’s everything these days that is instant. We are being giving instant access to everything and than BAM – we have to wait for the speed of our own brains. Oh and maybe typing too.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      Oh learning curves. Everyday feels like a new one!! A new lesson for me will be the editing process via an editor. * YIKES * I am leaning to take more time though so I feel less embarrassed on the feedback or submission rejections 🙂

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