Fun Fact Friday – Laura Monahan and Candy

I just got done with a “Mom’s Night Out”  photography class.  A full-time job, writing, and being a mom isn’t enough to keep me busy I guess.  While there the photographer, Laura Monahan, gave away a great secret. flowers laura

Distract a child with candy and you will get a smile. No the child isn’t going to do exactly what you wanted, but you will still capture a memory to last a life time.

I put that into my own words, but isn’t it a great point?  If you distract someone with a few great points you get the outcome you wanted even if there are some shortcomings.

So although she isn’t a writer, she is an artist with a few of her own tricks. Add the things that someone wants to read and whatever you fail at will be ignored.  I’d love to give you a list of what the ‘must haves’ are, but that depends on you, your genre, and how you write.  I’d say for me, readers would expect some sarcasm and a crazy and headstrong heroine.

What do you think?  What elements can you throw out to your reader like candy to give them enough distractions no matter what our weaknesses are?


2 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday – Laura Monahan and Candy

  1. Katie Checkley says:

    I always liked reading about character who felt isolated and alone. I think at times all human beings are vulnerable. If a reader can connect to a notion like that, they are often hooked.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      I agree. Making a character have real feelings or problems gives people the feeling that they might know them. If I can laugh i am hooked, if I can relate I am hooked, and if they seem like they aren’t perfect that usually helps.

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