Thoughtful Tuesday – ‘Tis not the Season for Weight Loss or Anything New

Baking was so much more fun when I didn’t have a toddler.  She seems to inhibit the process – then again she inhibits a lot of processes these days.  Still I preserver.  It’s all about time management.  She’s been good at watching my weight for me though, since I can’t find a lot of time to bake.cookies

Along with my baking others seem to equally enjoy the excitement of the holidays and sharing.  This morning I ate a 500 calorie homemade bear-claw.  Thank goodness that I don’t really watch my weight around the holidays; I do love my holiday sweets.

Aside from watching the calorie counter rising the closer we get to the night of magic and lights- Christmas, I also find my time being drained.  Note to self.  Do not try and start any new hobbies, books, projects, or anything else new because somehow time disappears during the holiday seas

I will continue to try and write after all creatures are out and no longer stirring, but there are no promises on how productive I will be.

How is your holiday going?


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