Thoughtful Tuesday – I Am a Planner on Everything Except for Writing

I had Christmas shopping done by July!  I have  a few loose ends to tie up for my husband, but really I was done during the summer.  I think the Easter sales actually are better than those of the Christmas sales – at least for toys. So why don’t I do that for writing?  I realize I am a planner for everything else in my life except for writing.  I write by the seat of my pants, ( a pancer).  I might need to change this though for longer stories.  I tend to forget small details of chapter one by chapter 15.  Why is it I plan everything else out in my life, but my writing isn’t affected? I wish I knew.  Lucky for me I am focused on short stories for now and those I don’t need to plan out chapter by chapter to a fault.  I have everything clear in my mind and my brain works well enough to retain 30 some pages of details.

So how about you? If your holiday shopping completed yet?  Does your lifestyle reflect on your planning for writing (or whatever your hobby or career choices are) or is it opposite?gift

4 thoughts on “Thoughtful Tuesday – I Am a Planner on Everything Except for Writing

  1. Deborah J. Brasket says:

    Like you, I’m good at planning everything but my writing life. At the same time, I seem to procrastinate until I absolutely have to move on things. And I write lists and check them off–makes me feel I’ve accomplished something. Sometimes I’ll add things to the list that I’ve already done, just so I can cross them off 🙂 And they say you can’t cheat yourself! Hah!

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