Thoughtful Tuesday – The Christmas Card Rush

It’s the week of Thanksgiving.  That means Christmas Card season for me.  I am a dying breed apparently.  Every year I have my cards out no later than December 1st, yes I know- I am THAT person, and then I sit and wait for cards to come in.  Very few people still send out the tree killing tradition and I am choosing to pretend that it isn’t me and that we are unpopular, but that the art of writing or sending Christmas cards is dying.  Don’t burst my bubble if that isn’t true.

I think that I am on track with this thought too.  Why? Because along with Christmas cards dying out so are Birthday and thank you cards.  So for those that aren’t receiving much in the mail, just assuming you have lazy friends and family.

I love to write, share, and just keep with traditions so I don’t see myself changing soon.  Its funny how books are going to e-books but e-cards really never caught on.  Some people might have used e-cards for a year or two, but on a whole no one sends them anymore.  Huh.  The trends that work for some industries don’t always work for similar.

How about you? Do you or don’t you, send out holiday cards?


3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Tuesday – The Christmas Card Rush

  1. juliesanocki says:

    Sometimes I have gathered Christmas cards, and even addressed them but they never made it to the mail. I usually find them sometime around Valentine’s Day and just shrug. I think the e-cards failed because there was a burst of scams claiming to be e-cards but when you tried to view it you got a virus. As usual, the few scumbags ruin a good thing for everyone.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      You have to hate all those evil people who ruin the goods things. It only takes one bad person to make everyone miss-trust the other million good people. So annoying. Maybe you should start a tradition on valentines cards instead of Christmas?

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