Fun Fact Friday – Susan Mallery Didn’t Always Dream of Publication

Say what!? Not all authors dream of publication from their first word?Or so they claim.

Susan Mallery didn’t even fathom writing until a college course caught her eye.  She is now a New York Times Best Seller. I love her Foot’s Gold series.  Some way to start – bumble into something and go.  She even admits her first story was awful.  See -your not alone. First books aren’t usually good.

What made me start to truly write? Well, my last straw was one more bad book making it to the silver screen – yes Twilight.  I’d dabbled for years but never actually thought I could write outside of myself.  No, I am not writing of vampires, but if Stephanie Meyer could do it, I figured I could too.  (I do love Twilight though, so don’t judge.  I am just aware that it is not the best written story.)  My high school English teacher always thought I had talent, I just finally moved past my own doubt.

What made you decide to start writing or doing whatever it is you have a passion for?  There is always a spark from somewhere.


4 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday – Susan Mallery Didn’t Always Dream of Publication

  1. Katie Checkley says:

    Great question. I’ve always been a writer at heart (hence, The “Intrinsic” Writer), but six years ago I took a deep breath and attended a writing retreat. The way the other participants responded to my writing let me see that this was actually something I could do. Flash forward four years (two years ago today) when I lost my job in a very unfair, cold, and calculated way. It destroyed me, but I shifted my point-of-view and took it as an opportunity to write my novel…and I did. I saw it as a calling. A strange, passage of time that I could let slip by. Sometimes you just have to take hold of what’s beckoning you.

    • M. Ziegler says:

      Sometimes there is a reason for everything… It’s just hard to see at the time what there’s on is. I am so glad you were able to write and move past the carp in life.

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